Fartlek Friday XXXI: This is probably the laziest post I’ve ever “written,” but I’m on vacation … sooooo … this is whatcha got


Yeah … this really is the laziest post I’ve ever “written.” And, I put written in quotation marks because … well … I am not going to do much writing. Why, you must ask (but, probably really are not)? Because I am on vacation.

Yes, vacation.

Surprisingly, this vacation doesn’t include running (though I might do some hiking, which could turn into running if I happen to run into a deer, bear, cougar or a snake on the trail). It’s a family reunion up in Wyoming. If you are not sure where Wyoming is just look for the square box on your U.S. map and BAM it’s right there (I just realized that you could be looking at Colorado or if you don’t know what a true box looks like … North Dakota, South Dakota, Oregon, Washington and probably even Hawaii).

Anyways … I am soooooo digressing.

I will be in Wyoming through the weekend. So expect my race recap for the Deseret News Half Marathon I ran yesterday on Monday. But, since I didn’t want to leave without any content while I was gone I thought I would scour YouTube for awesome videos of “stuff.”

So enjoy this “stuff” and I’ll see you Monday.


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