Fartlek Friday XXXII

FF_FridayIt feels so strange for me not to have a race this weekend. Well, I do have a race, it’s a 5K, but not a half marathon. It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve had a weekend somewhat off.

I am still planning on getting 10-12 miles in though. The plan tomorrow is to run down Emigration Canyon to Liberty Park where my 5K is at 8am. I am still going to have to work out timing. But, I think I might have to start running a bit earlier than the group plans on to make sure I get to the park in time for my race.

Here I am planning and thinking out loud. So typical of me.

My goal is still working towards a sub-two at Nebo in a month. I am teetering on how realistic that is right now. Just because I have been nursing a few nagging injuries and I’ve been getting my health balanced the past month with my thyroid, testosterone and a slight diabetes scare (I don’t have it!).

Needless to say I don’t feel in top running shape which I should be at this point of the season. I know I’ll need to lose some weight to help. I can tell the cocktail of issues has helped me gain some weight. But, I also kind of blame marathon training on the nagging injuries. I kind of feel the need to back away from marathons for a while after I am done with Big Cottonwood next month.

I am currently signed up for the Utah Valley Marathon for next year, but we’ll see. I might sell that entry or downgrade to the half. I love that race and that marathon. But, training for a marathon compared to a half is a world of difference. And, my body recovers quicker to half marathons.

I wouldn’t say I am announcing my retirement, but I’ve run five marathons so far with six on it’s way. Really the only other marathon I really want to run is the Athens Marathon in Greece. But, who knows … I’d kind of like to run the St. George Marathon again. And, the Chicago, New York and MarineCorps Marathons would be a great experience. So I don’t know … ?!?!

I just love half marathons SO much better.

Surely, there will be more about this dilemma in future posts. Stay tuned.

Anyways, my pathway towards Nebo is shortening and here are my tentative plans for training runs until September 6th.

  • August 2 – Emigration to Liberty Park + 5K, 10-12 miles.
  • August 9 – Provo River Trail Half Marathon, 13.1 miles (PR push)
  • August 16 – Monte Cristo to Ogden, 18-20 miles.
  • August 23 – Run Elevated Half Marathon, 13.1 miles (PR push)
  • August 30 – Porter’s Half Marathon, 13.1 miles (Easy Run, no PR push)
  • September 6 – Mt Nebo Half, 13.1 miles (PR BABY!)

I am also throwing in speedwork and strength training into my weekly training. I really want to push this now that I feel physically balanced. I know I can do this and I feel like I still can. I just can’t take any time off from here on out.

While this week has been really focused on running here are a few other things that caught my attention along the way to today …

  • If you didn’t catch this last week, I have decided to be more deliberate with my races for next year. Wanting to save my money and legs I am going to only run 12 half marathons next year. One each month. I also want to volunteer at more. I need to give back.
  • I am kind of debating on flipping my Porter’s Half entry for an Emigration Canyon Half entry held that same day. I love that canyon. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!
  • I signed up for both the 2015 Timp Half and Nebo Half earlier this week for one low price. These are two of my favorite races. BOOYAH!
  • So far the races I have paid registration for are Vigor Big Cottonwood Half (May), Utah Valley Marathon (June), Timp Half (July) and Nebo (September).
  • I am planning on running the Park City Half Marathon in August because it’s on my birthday. My 34th birthday. Oh, man I am getting old.
  • Like I said, I want to volunteer at more races. I don’t want to get away from the running culture, I just need to enjoy while not running as much. But, one thing I do want to do is take my camera to a few races and just photograph the finish line. I love finish lines and the spirit of the marathon shown at them. The tears, the joy and the excitement. I want to capture that (or at least try to).
  • I like the idea of Six Californias, but the odds of it really happening are pretty much slim to none. But, in all reality it should have never been admitted as one state. I know why it was, but they should have split it at statehood. California is too big for it’s own good.
  • How can you not love this? I’m totally nailing adulthood by these standards. Time to break out the Trapper Keeper with pride!
  • I’m kind of skeptical about this article. Vegetables in desserts? I mean, I need to eat more vegetables … and less desserts. I’m so confused. My head hurts.
  • Otters are cute and all, but they are far from my favorite sea animal. That belongs to killer whales and manatees.
  • They are tied, because it’s so hard to chose one over the other. One is a ficious predator that delights millions in SeaWorld, while the other looks great on t-shirts and gets run over my boat motors. PLUS … both look great on a Trapper Keeper.
  • THIS!!! Poor kid. But, hilarious!
  • I want this pizza.
  • You should read this. It’s crucial Disney information. CRUCIAL!
  • Just so you know … Shark Week starts August 10th. This is the one week of the year that I don’t loathe and hate TV.BRACE YOUR PEOPLE.
  • Oh, look Shark Week party ideas … delightful.
  • So, apparently Sharknado 2 debuted this week? I feel like I should watch this? But, I have issues with it. Plus, not a huge of the SyFy channel right now.
  • But, in celebration of Sharknado here’s this.
  • When I first read that Dollar Tree bought Family Dollar I was kind of hoping that they would have changed their name to Family Tree, heck even Dollar Dollar would be acceptable.
  • I think everyone needs an ice cream horoscope. Mine says that I am Butter Pecan and that above all else I value love. It also says that I have an extremely positive outlook at almost all times.
  • Well that horoscope sucked. I was kind of hoping to be Cake Batter. So much for that!
  • mmmmmm … new ways of eating ice cream … drooling.
  • Oh, look more things about ice cream!
  • Oh look there is also a place that makes Ice Cream Rice Krispy Treat Sandwiches!
  • I feel weird.
  • This post made me want to move to Australia and get two sidekicks … one a sea turtle and another one a seal. Sounds kinda like a sequel to the Little Mermaid.
  • I should learn to cook these now in my 30s.
  • If I was going to get one of these tattoos, it would be either a Peep, Rice Krispy Treat or Nutella. Maybe even all three?
  • Um, yep.
  • This is really interesting the difference that makeup makes. Wow. Oh, and I just saw on the article that some are adult film actresses.
  • I refuse to call them porn or adult film STARS. What makes them STARS? Porn disgusts me anyways. I’ll stop my rant there.
  • Oh gosh, I am busting up at some of these!
  • At first when I read this, I thought it said Free Scotch. Nope, turns out the Scottish are voting for independence from the UK. I guess if they win their independence the streets would be flowing with free Scotch? Eh? Eh? … crickets …
  • TACOS!!!
  • CATS!!!
  • DOGS!!!
  • SHARKS!!!
  • PANGEA!!! 
  • DISNEY!!!
  • I really do hope this is the end of the whole Sterling fiasco. But, I doubt it. Either way it’s a BIG step to finally moving on in the RIGHT direction. I am more than excited to see what the Clippers can do under new ownership. REALLY EXCITED.
  • I am really excited for the new NBA season. Besides the Clippers, I am also secretly cheering on the Cavs. There was no way I could be a LeBron Heat fan, he was always Cleveland’s. I love that he is back and I hope he gets Cleveland a championship in the process.
  • I am cheering on the Jazz as well, but they ain’t going anywhere. Let’s be honest. It’s all about the future. Still, it should be exciting to see how they develop.
  • HOLY MOLLY! Check out these dishes. They are HORRIBLE!
  • Oh these are killing me.
  • This is a pretty good PSA about people and the internet. I should make sure I don’t do this. I know I have in the past. But, then again I find this funny coming from BuzzFeed which kind of makes fun of people a lot.
  • I really like this kid. I have a feeling if I had social media as a kid I would have done something just like that.
  • #totespresh
  • I’m not sure why Celine Dion is NOT on this list?
  • You know I would be WAY more into lasagna if it wasn’t so fattening. I can’t eat lasagna without feeling somewhat guilty and bloated.
  • Um, gross.
  • Meh. Not worth talking about.
  • Yeah, I’m not a fan of the word “usie” either … it’s a group selfie.
  • Some of these are funny and horrifying. Oh my gosh! I’m kinda glad I am not a teacher.
  • I want to be addicted to travel. So bad.
  • I really need a vacation. Bad.
  • I want to go to Disneyland.
  • No, wait … I want to go to Europe.
  • No, wait … cruise around the world!
  • Okay, maybe even St. George at this point.

Welp, that’s about it for me. I hope you have a great weekend and above all else be safe and RUN HAPPY!!!


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