Fartlek Friday XXXIII

FF_FridayThis past week kind of started off crappy. I won’t lie. I’m not sure why? Well, actually I think it was because I felt bloated for most of Monday and Tuesday. Sometimes I forget that I am lactose intolerant and this ALWAYS works against me. Always.

Don’t worry I am not going to get into the nitty gritties of the effects it has on my body. But, let me just say that when my future wife goes through that monthly ritual I’m just going to down a gallon of milk so I can score some sympathy votes. Well, as long as I don’t complain about it too much I should be on her good side, right?

Why I am talking about periods, lactose intolerance and bloatedness?

Geez, if my mother is reading this she’s probably going to have a talk with me later today. Sorry mom! #sorrynotsorry

I am really looking forward to this weekend. I am getting closer to Nebo! We’re now less than a month away! I’m nervous and all kinds of scared. I really don’t know if I will be ready? But, I’m training like I will be ready. And, sometimes that’s all you can do, right?

This past Wednesday I did some more fartleking in Liberty Park. I actually put some more miles on the ‘ol legs to get some mileage underneath me before fartleking. I think after being bloated for two days I just wanted to feel sexy skinny and have some think time.

But, the fartleking was … fun? Challenging. It was challenging. I really have a love/hate relationship with speedwork. I think if we were fartleking down a mountain I would be a bit happier about it, but it’s around Liberty Park and a somewhat flat course. To me, that’s not much fun. I love gravity’s pull too much.

Well, gravity’s pull down a mountain.

Anyways, I have a half marathon tomorrow in Provo. I am running the Provo River Trail Half Marathon. It’s not really a trail run in the sense of dusty trails, it’s the Provo River PAVED Trail. It’s the same trail that I ran down during the Provo City Half. Anyways, I’m excited to get a little speed going on it and plan on just booking it to see how far I can push myself.

I need some speed.

This past week I also switched race entries with someone on August 30th. I originally signed up for the Porter’s Half Marathon for that day. But, after I signed up I found out that there is a half marathon running down Emigration Canyon that same day. So I offered my Porter’s entry in exchange for a Emigration Canyon entry and found a couple bites.

I love running down Emigration Canyon. I am really excited to run it. I might be running it alone since all of my friends are basically running Porter’s, but I think this will be good prep for Nebo. I know I shouldn’t push it too hard the week before Nebo, but I feel the need to do more downhill compared to rolling hills like Porter’s.


Anyways, here are a few other things that caught my attention this past week …

  • Free and I took my Dad out to see Bill Cosby perform in Layton on Tuesday. I loved it! Absolutely loved it! Bill Cosby is one of my favorite comedians and Dads in life. Such great wisdom, wit and personality. I hope he lives as long or longer than Betty White.
  • There are two influences I attribute to my humor and writing. One, is Bill Cosby and two, is Erma Bombeck. Their observations of the humor in everyday life are hilarious. There is always a moral to their story and their humor never cuts anyone else down. It’s uplifting.
  • If you don’t know who Erma Bombeck is, I’ve said you the time and have given you a link to her Wikipedia page. You’re welcome.
  • Guess what? Next week is … SHARK WEEK!!!
  • It was just announced that in April 2015 there will be a Lagoon Half Marathon. I am tempted to run this. Not only do you run 1-2 miles in the amusement park, but you get admission into the park afterwards. The early bird entry fee is $85 … so … you’re really paying for that admission fee. I love a new run, but I am still debating this one.
  • Also, do you just stay in the park after you run and go on the rides when you’re all stinky? I don’t know how I’d feel about that?
  • Nevermind, you’d actually probably just fit right in. Or I guess you could always take a dip in Lagoon-A-Beach? Oh the possibilities.
  • I have no words. No words. Well, and then there is this. These will all haunt my dreams.
  • I can support this.
  • Wowzers, I sure hope everyone in Hawaii will be okay with the two hurricanes heading their way. TWO! Yikes!
  • Sooooo … what side dish are you? I’m … mayo potato salad!!! DANG IT!!! I HATE POTATO SALAD!!! HATE! HATE! HATE! My hatred for potato salad knows no bounds.
  • Ugh, really, potato salad? Why couldn’t it have been green beans?! GREEN BEANS! I LOVE THEM! Oh well …
  • Some of these are pretty hilarious. I can’t wait to have kids. I especially love this one.
  • Well this is pretty cool.
  • Oh my gosh, that would be a lot of pizza.
  • Oh, okay, I was little worried that it was a pretzel stuffed with lobster at first. Nope. Just peanut butter. Sounds good to me!
  • I need a dog.
  • Okay, I reaaaaaaalllly need a dog.
  • Okay, this post about service dogs doesn’t make that need any less.
  • True story, when I was born blind as a kid the doctors told my parents that I would more than likely need a seeing eye dog. Fortunately, I got eyesight. Unfortunately, I got no seeing eye dog. Hopefully that wasn’t my last shot at getting a golden retriever.
  • And, if you’re wondering I would have named him Comet after the dog from Full House. Granted I was blind before Full House came on the air. But, I’d like to believe that the spirit would whisper that inspiration to me when naming my dog.
  • Well that didn’t get awkward fast … didn’t it?
  • Wow this is crazy video of flash floods overtaking cars on the highway in southern Nevada.
  • Speaking of disasters and moved dirt this happened in my neck of the woods the other day. It’s also not that far away from my brother’s house in North Salt Lake. SCARY.
  • Panda Friend? Okay Ronnie? Or Metta? Or whatever your name is?!
  • Um, ok?
  • What can I say? Kelly Kapowski is still looking hot!
  • Interesting. Way to go Westboro. They’ll picket anything.
  • I must admit though, I’d probably join them on their picketing of Google. Just for different reasons. I just don’t like them (says the man with a Gmail account).
  • And, probably Pinterest. But, definitely Google.
  • Sometimes I am grateful I don’t have co-workers like this. But, then again, I kinda wish I do? CONTURDUM.
  • Interesting.
  • I need to adopt this kid.
  • No matter what you do … this is still McNasty.
  • I kind of wish I was THIS cool in school. But, I wasn’t. Well, maybe to my Special Ed classmates because I took regular history classes. But, still … I just want to be cool someday.
  • Next week is my birthday!
  • And, SHARK WEEK!
  • And, I’m getting a burrito.
  • Kinda excited for next week. Just a little.

Anyways, that’s it for me this week. Have a great weekend and HAPPY RUNNING!!!


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