Fartlek Friday XXXLVIII


So I’m running a marathon tomorrow. As excited and nervous I am about it, I also know this will be my last for at least another year. I am not running any marathons in 2015. I’ve decided to downgrade my Utah Valley Marathon entry to the half marathon so I can focus on speed and my half marathon time.

This will be marathon number six. Ultimately before I finish my 180 goal, I’d like to at least four more marathons. There’s something somewhat magical about saying you’ve ran 10 marathons. But, just saying you’ve ran one marathon is magical. Still, that’s my goal. And, I’m sure sometime in 2016 I’ll pick up another marathon.

I kind of want to run the Athens Marathon in Greece. Being Greek that just seems like the most logical “bucket list” marathon out there. Plus, running the same route as the first marathon would be a great experience as a runner.That will be one of the my remaining four races.

I don’t really have any other “bucket list” marathons on my list. I would like to run the St. George Marathon one more time and I’ve always kind of wanted to run the San Francisco Marathon just so I could across the Golden Gate Bridge.

So if I did those, I guess that would leave me with one more marathon, eh? Oh gosh, just in Utah there are plenty of awesome marathons. Utah Valley is a great course. Same with Big Cottonwood. I haven’t done Top of Utah before. That might be fun. Either way, I’ll have to pick a great marathon here in Utah for that last race.


Yesterday marked the 13th anniversary of the 9/11. I can’t believe it’s been that long. I wrote about my feelings on that day yesterday. It’s interesting to me knowing that there are now teenagers born after the attacks?!

I loved this piece from the news yesterday about the Healing Field here in Utah. The further we get from the date the more valuable these memorials become. We need to teach our children about the history of 9/11 and why and how it happened. And hopefully how to prevent something like it happening again.

There have been a lot of emotions and reflections going on this week. From the marathon to the anniversary of 9/11 to just life. I am ready to run tomorrow with my friend Jill. This will be her first marathon and I can’t wait to share this experience with her. She’s fought hard to get here. I’ll blog more about her next week whether or not she wants me too! 🙂

Anyways, here are a few other things that caught my attention this week …

Welp, have a great weekend! If you’re running a marathon have fun! If you’re running anything have fun! As always … HAPPY RUNNING!


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