Fartlek Friday XXXVI: #totestgif

FartlekFriday_BannerIs Monday really September? This is an honest question. I could have sworn it was May and I just ran the Ogden Marathon. That feels like yesterday. I also feel like I just ran. And, actually, I did do that yesterday. And, I pumped iron. But, I digress. The point is … I hate time sometimes. It passes too quickly.

Sometimes I wonder what it’s like for elderly people. For instance my Grandma, she’s 88 years old and has lived through a lot of history … the Great Depression, World War II, the Civil Rights Movement, Vietnam, the Cold War, New Coke and so much more. Of all of that what feels like yesterday? Does her 20s or 30s seem like yesterday?

I also wonder what life will be like when I am her age? Will now feel like yesterday? Oh my head is hurting. I’m going to stop now.

Despite my slight freakout at realizing September is literally JUST around the corner, I am excited for the fall. I love summer, but I’m absolutely madly in love with autumn. Like, seriously, if autumn was a girl (and I know there are plenty out there with that exact name) I would marry her. It’s my favorite season. The only thing I don’t like about it is that the days get noticeably shorter. That part sucks.

But, I also love running in the autumn weather. The temperatures are perfect, especially early morning long runs. The crisp air, the autumn leaves … it’s just perfect. If there was somewhere on earth where it’s continually autumn I’d move there. Forget about eternal summer or winter (that actually would would the definition of hell for me). I’d want eternal autumn. Maybe that’s what heaven will look like? I could get behind that kind of reality.

Anyways … I’m really digressing today.

I am looking forward to a good weekend. I am running the Emigration Canyon Half Marathon tomorrow. I actually was signed up for it in April, but it got cancelled and then rescheduled for this weekend. I was signed up for the Porters Half this weekend, but decided to swap entries with a friend because I love running down Emigration. Plus, I’ll be running it with a few friends including Becky.

It will be great.

I am also planning on doing an endowment session at the Bountiful LDS Temple that afternoon. The temple was closed for a couple of weeks for yearly maintenance, but now that it’s open I’ve been dying to go the past week. I love attending the temple, because not only is it EXTREMELY close to me, but it’s really a time that I can just block out distractions and focus on the important things in life and my relationship with God. There is no better place on earth then in the temple.

But, besides that I’ve got family dinner as well as a few projects I want to get done soon. I’m really writing in earnest with my book now. I just feel this immense need to just get it done with. I’ve been working on it for the past three years and I’ve started and restarted NUMEROUS times. It’s time. I feel it. I need it to be.

Anyways, I am stoked about this weekend. I am excited for a relief from the first week of classes. This is the one week I am NOT a fan of about my job. I can take any of the other 50 weeks, but the first week of the fall and spring semesters are practically my hell week. Ugh.

But, since I am writing this post, it’s a good indication that I survived the week. Anyways, here are a few other things that caught my attention this past week while not helping students …

  • I did sign up for a race this week. I finally registered for the Thankful 13 which appropriately is on Thanksgiving morning. This will be my third time running it.
  • In addition to running it, I will also be pushing my dear friend Elsha. This will be our first half marathon together. We did run a 5K earlier this summer. I am WAY excited to run with Elsha. You won’t find anyone has upbeat, happy and caring as she is.
  • Oooooo, I want this lady to be my Rice Krispy Treat mentor.
  • People are beyond selfish. I hope these boys recover the money needed for the honey business so they can pay for their missions.
  • The story about the nine-year-old girl accidentally shooting and killing her instructor with an Uzi. I feel horrible not just for the family of the instructor, but also the girl herself. There will be a lot of emotional healing needed.
  • I do question why you gave a gun of that caliber to a child even under those conditions. I’ve fired some powerful guns before and there’s a kickback to some that would be difficult to handle in certain circumstances.
  • But, if you read the comments to the article I linked to, you’d also find people questioning the same thing and questioning why anyone would make such a gun. I have no problem with the gun. It’s just who’s behind it. Sad circumstance.
  • #scientistproblems
  • I am not going to lie, I am kinda bummed that this story about Josh Shaw wasn’t true. Not only does he give Joshs around the world a bad rap, but if you hurt your ankles falling down stairs or something, why pretend that you jumped out a two story building to save your drowning nephew? Sure that’s a cooler story, but if it didn’t happen then … why? I don’t get it.
  • Until the facts come about how he injured them we won’t know, but I bet we was doing something that was against school or his scholarship rules?
  • But, hey, if the guy broke team rules by lying I’m all for the suspension, but I’ll always have a problem with how BYU manages their in house “honor code.” That’s a post for another day.
  • Um, no thank you, I’ll pass.
  • Um, nope again.
  • Now this video is pretty dang cool. But, I’d never throw my GoPro in a pot of bowling water just to watch an egg poach.
  • HAHAHAHA … oh gosh, I wish I could say that this never happened in our family. At least we know love you Free.
  • This is an interesting article. I never knew cartoons were so controversial when I was a kid?
  • One cartoon that I loved as a kid was Tiny Toon Adventures. I remember the hype leading up to it and then watching the pilot episode. It’s kinda sad that it didn’t last longer than it did. I loved it though.
  • I also loved Animaniacs. That was great entertainment. Especially when it comes to the THIS VIDEO.
  • I also liked Ren n’ Stimpy at first and then my Mom saw me watching it and banned it from the house. The Simpsons used to be banned in our house until Homer went from angry to dumb in nature.
  • Sad.
  • Well this airline is fancy, but I’m just fine with JetBlue and Southwest economy class. But, I won’t lie if I was traveling overseas for longer than 4-5 hours and had the money I’d totes travel that way.
  • Then again, I have extremely bad buyer’s remorse so I’d probably try to get downgraded to economy mid-flight.
  • I’ve never been drunk or experienced what it’s like to be hungover, but I always find these kind of stories and posts pretty funny. It makes me feel better about myself.
  • Well this is a great little ditty to get you through a slow Friday afternoon. You’ll never look at these movies the same way ever again.
  • Um, I don’t know what to think about this? Congratulations? You … caught them … all?
  • Ooooo … I like this. Semi-dirty (cuss words here folks), but it helps you find what old-timey cuss words you should bring back. I got “son of a gun.”
  • #totesadorbs
  • So apparently it was National Dog Day this past week. I would have celebrated, but I don’t have a personal dog and the dogs living with us now aren’t the best dogs. One, poops without warning and the other will eat anything. In fact last week he ate a whole bag of M&M’s … not a regular bag, I JUMBO bag of M&M’s that you get from Costco. I’m surprised the dog didn’t die. We just had to take him to the vet and then suffer through the worst dog gas EVER.
  • Maybe I need to question whether or not I really want a dog?
  • Well, this is a fun time waster. I think I am going to start calling astronauts Star Sailors from now on.
  • So I guess my new ambition in life is now to be a Cowboy Star Sailor. Epic.
  • I feel like I should comment about the Burger King-Tim Horton’s merger, but I hate Burger King. In fact our Burger King closed in Bountiful and I didn’t notice for over three months. It was nice.
  • My friend on the other hand took it very hard and hasn’t come out of his room for months now. Okay I lied about that, but he may of shed a tear or two.
  • I thing they should merger the names together and start calling it King Tim Horton. I bet the real Tim Horton would have liked that, eh?
  • HAHAHA … Oh, Canada this is hilarious!
  • This isn’t from Canada, but some of these are pretty hilarious!
  • I love how math says it’s probable that we’ve been visited by aliens. Oh, c’mon of course we have been visited. I’ll take some people’s testimonies over math. I hate math.
  • Speaking of aliens and the such, Salt Lake Comic Con is happening next weekend. Totes excited. I won’t be there all three days, but I am planning on spending a good chunk of Saturday there after running Nebo. There will also be a ghost hunt next Thursday as well. I am WAY excited about that! I am not sure the location, but I love a good ‘ol ghost hunt.
  • If anything Comic Con is a great opportunity to just people watch.
  • Well, I am excited to run this weekend. After this weekend it’s all downhill towards …. NEBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Welp, that’s it for me this weekend! Have a great weekend, stay safe, have fun and always remember … HAPPY RUNNING!!!


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