It’s Fat Tuesday (aka Mardi Gras) today. What that really means to me … well … besides being free pancake day at IHOP … nothing. It’s a French Catholic tradition that I really don’t understand. Now, New Orleans pretty much owns the holiday, especially here in the US. My ignorance on the topic is pretty apparent (if you couldn’t tell), so I’ll just give you this link from Wikipedia and let you read that instead.

Since I really don’t know much about the holiday. I thought I would provide my own interpretation of the holiday. So, I just went through all of my pictures and picked out some of my most awkward, awesomely fat pictures of myself.

I like to call it FAT Josh TUESDAY … enjoy?

PA's 985 Family Pictures 112 NOLA-FL 463 Josh's Photos 122 Around 055 SUU Graduation 2009 056 Frankie 004 Nene'sBirthday 125 Birthday 039 PA's 1084 Hawaii08 145 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Random 061 Summer08 060 Why Not 059 Famn Damily 026 SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA NOLA-FL 051 NOLA-FL 055 NOLA-FL 050 Christmas Break 130Josh's Photos 004 Me.com 007 Hawaii08 057

I was going to caption these, but clearly they speak for themselves. Luckily, these days are WAY behind me. Way, way, way behind me.


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