February’s Rice Krispy Treat

RK-FebruaryOn Saturday night my running group, Runners Anonymous, had a get together to watch the documentary Spirit of the Marathon. As part of my contribution I decided to make some Rice Krispy Treats. Since I am making a new RK for each month and Saturday was February 1st, I decided to make my February RK for the occasion.

There were a number of directions I could take with this month’s RK. I thought about doing red hots, conversation hearts and even a box of chocolates RK. But, for one, I hate conversation hearts and two, I wanted to be more original. So I decided on incorporating cherry cordials into a round RK that I hand dipped in chocolate. Sounds amazing, right? It kind of was.

I made my RK base with my normal RK recipe which is:

6 c., Rice Krispy cereal
10oz., Small marshmallows
1/2 c., Butter
3/4 c., Yellow cake mix
4 Tbsp., Vanilla extract

But, I then took the RK mix and formed a ball around a semi-frozen cherry cordial (to prevent instant melting) and then after they dried out a bit I dipped them in melted chocolate. If it sounded rich, they were, but I got good feedback from my friends and family. They did turn out a bigger than I imagined. A serving size was easily half a ball, but I guess you could say that I made it that way so you can share it with your true love.

Yes, true love.

I might be making some more RKs later this weekend for a party. So I could have another recipe to share. But, I’m going to leave those as a surprise so I am staying mum.

But, I will be making my March RK on March 22nd in time for the Riverton Half Marathon. Odds are they’ll be a St. Patrick’s Day themed treat, but we’ll see …



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