Fight4Phat: A week of suck …


I started this week off rather awesomely — like epically awesomely. So much so I forgot how to properly use english. And, then Tuesday came … and it all went downhill from there.

No I didn’t binge eat a whole “5 for $5 Arby’s Deal” — far from it. I got sick. Again.

Two weeks ago I went through a nasty little cold that I thought I was past. Last week was great and I was looking forward to build upon that momentum. But, yeah, no.

The cold isn’t necessarily back — but, my lungs are full of crap. On Tuesday it started with sore lungs, Wednesday came along a fever and a deep cough and then yesterday — I pretty much was dead.

I took work off yesterday and today — because it was just too much for me. Not only didn’t I sleep at all during the night because of the coughing, but when I would go outside the beautiful Utah air got the best of me.

So, yeah — I was in bed all day yesterday and am planning on doing again today as well.

But, I have a very busy weekend as well. The Endurance Sports Show is today and tomorrow — where I am suppose to work a booth. And, then my sister is having her baby tomorrow and I am suppose to babysit my niece. I guess you can say all of that is … TBA.

This same cough has gone through the whole family so I am hoping it’s a quick rebound. I’m hopeful, but … yeah … we’ll see.

The sucky part of all of this has been the running — or the lack thereof. I was planning on doing 3 miles on Tuesday and Thursday and then a 5 mile run on Saturday. But, that didn’t happen.

Usually I would push through my sickness to run it out, but since this was in my lungs it was impossible for me get anything going. So, I’ll have to pick up the miles again come next week.

But, with all of that … I say … blah, blah, blah, blah.



After a couple month long break — Runcast USA is BACK!!! And, we’re back with a pretty awesome episode as we talk with Blu Robinson, Heath Thurston and Jed Jensen from Addict II Athlete. Probably the most powerful episode you’ll find of the Runcast.

Give it a listen …

Nacho Búsqueda

If you’ve been following my Facebook page as of late — you’ll know that I am looking for the best nachos here in Utah. This conversation began about two weeks ago when a coworker of mine and I started talking about nachos.

Everyone has their FAVORITE place to get nachos — Costa Vida, The Green Pig, Union Grill, etc., etc., etc. But, really, where’s the BEST place for nachos? Everyone’s opinion is very subjective and I wanted to put it to a test.

So I came up with a scoring system — THIN and came up with a bucket list of places to eat nachos in Utah. Then I’ll keep track of the leaders on a blog I started earlier this week — Nacho Búsqueda

I’ve had a couple people ask me why I am doing this when I am trying to lose weight. And, well, my response is always — it’s my cheat/free meal for the week. In my diet plan I always have at least one meal per week that is guilt-free — and I’ve done this for years.

But, I am not eating nachos every week either. As much as I love nachos — I don’t want to get burnt out, so I am doing nachos as my cheat/free meal twice a month. Fairly simple concept.

I am also wanting to go to these places with friends, family and dates. This is also a way to get more social — outside of running.

I am excited about this blog. I was going to be going to my first place this weekend, but since I m sick I am pushing that back to tomorrow. I’m thinking of hitting up this new place in North Salt Lake — Cafe Armor.

But, more on that later — check out the new blog — and if you want to go eat nachos with me sometime … hit me up!

EDIT: Oh, and I have an Instagram account for all the pretty pictures of my nachos.


COMMENTARY: Tough week. I worked out on Monday and Tuesday, but that was about it. No running. Thus, sucky numbers. I walked between 5.5-7 miles between Monday and Wednesday — so I was still somewhat active. And, I watched what I ate, but without much exercise — not much change.

I won’t lie — numbers like these are hard to swallow. I just want to get a rhythm and get some good numbers dropping. It’s mentally tough to have week’s like this — because you just want to move forward, but the body says no. Blah!

WEIGHT: 280.2 LBS.
BODY FAT%: 25.2%
BMI: 33.3
WAIST: 46.1″
ARMS: 16.25″


BEGINNING (1/8/16)

WEIGHT: 277.6 LBS.
BODY FAT%: 25.2%
BMI: 33.1
WAIST: 46.4″
ARMS: 16.7″

LAST WEEK (1/29/16)

WEIGHT: 278.2 LBS.
BODY FAT%: 25.1%
BMI: 33.2
WAIST: 46.1″
ARMS: 16.3″

THIS WEEK (2/5/16)

WEIGHT: 280.2 LBS.
BODY FAT%: 25.2%
BMI: 33.3
WAIST: 46.1″
ARMS: 16.25″


BODY FAT%: +0.1%
BMI: +0.1
WAIST: +0.1″
ARMS: -0.05″
THIGHS: 0.0″

Daily Shorts.fw


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