Fight4Phat: Climbing up metaphorical and real-life mountains


This past week has been rather life changing — not to mention very rewarding. Completing my first ultra marathon has been something that has not only given me a tremendous amount of accomplishment, but a lot of retrospective and excitement for the future.

I’ve gone back to my FitBit occasionally to last Saturday and just stared at my numbers — 33.33 miles, 65,155 steps, 590 minutes of activity and 8,344 calories burned. Associating all of that with my experience is just — surreal. The numbers are just crazy. But, I did it. I actually ran an ULTRA marathon!

I’m an ultra marathoner!

And, the thing is — I’m still on somewhat of a high. I remember after my first half and full marathons feeling I really didn’t have that feeling. It was kinda like — I did that — meh. And, I know I am not the only one to experience that same feeling.

Having gone through a lot of ups and downs with my thyroid/testosterone this past year — year and half — I needed this. I needed this moment — this race — to give me the reassurance and feeling that I am still moving forward despite the setbacks.

It’s been tough.

But, despite the setbacks and problems that I’ve ran into — I have to keep fighting. The only other option is regression by doing nothing. And, that’s something I am not willing or going to do. I’ve fought for over six years to reclaim my health.

Saturday’s race was a fight — and in many ways it was the “physical” fight I need between me and my body. My body wanted to die numerous times during the race — especially on that $%#* hill towards the second aid station. But, no matter what the body told me to do — I yelled back what it was going to do.

And, that was to move one step at a time — until I got to the aid station. I knew the moment would pass — especially once I refueled and rested for a bit. And, I won. I beat that $%^# hill!

Moving forward there are going to be many more mountains and hills for me to conquer. I mean, my thyroid and testosterone is definitely one of those mountains. Step by step I will conquer it — I cannot stop, nor regress and go the other way.

And, I won’t.

I can’t.

So I just take it one step at a step, because I know I’ll get past this $&*# mountain.



This past summer, your’s truly, made his cinematic debut. Well, okay — I was once an extra in a film and I’ve photobombed news camera numerous of times — so I don’t know if I can count it as my “DEBUT.”

But, it was definitely my debut as a fitness model. Yes, you read that right — fitness model. It’s just one of the many titles of man of my prestige holds (I kid, I kid).

I was a fitness model for a fitness video called, “Freedom2Move” — it’s a locally owned DVD series of workouts that are tailored towards every and any fitness ability. This includes ability levels because of age, mobility or fitness level. It’s tailored to YOU.

There are three volumes to the workout series — and I’m in the third volume which focuses on the abs, back and pecs. Intrigued aren’t you?

Now, here’s the deal — I have a discount code for you. When you buy any of the volumes — or the complete set you can use code OUR10 to get 10% off your order. Just make sure you apply the code at checkout (and not in the non-profit purchase code field on the product page)

That’s not all though — Freedom2Move will also donate 10% from each order to the Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.)They are an organization that helps rescue, free and rehabilitate children that have been kidnapped into the sex trade industry. A very worthy cause and non-profit organization.

So what are you waiting for? Get fit, make a difference and see me in my fitness model acting debut — and if you’re lucky I’ll even sign it for you!

Use code OUR10 to get 10% off your order. Additionally 10% of your order will be donated by Freedom2Move to Operation Undergound Railroad.


The following is the progress of my 12 week program. During weeks 1-4 I am following my ‘fat flush’ plan that I wrote about earlier. I will discuss my plans for the remaining weeks in a couple of weeks. I am still formulating the plan with my trainer.

WEIGHT – 273.8 / 272.00 = -1.8
BODY FAT % – 30.2 / 24.0 = -6.2
BMI – 32.7 / 32.2 = -0.5
WAIST – 47.25″ / 46.5″ = 0.75″
ARMS – 18″ / 16.75″ = -1.25″
THIGHS – 27″ / 27″ = 0.00
WEIGHT – 273.8
BODY FAT % – 30.2
BMI – 32.7
WAIST – 47.25″
ARMS – 18″
THIGHS – 27″
WEIGHT – 272.0
BODY FAT % – 24.0
BMI – 32.2
WAIST – 46.5″
ARMS – 16.75″
THIGHS – 27″
WEIGHT – 272.8
BODY FAT % – 23.9
BMI – 32.7
WAIST – 46.25″
ARMS – 16.5″
THIGHS – 27″
WEIGHT – 272.2
BODY FAT % – 23.0
BMI – 32.5
WAIST – 46″
ARMS – 16.4″
THIGHS – 26.5″
WEIGHT – 272.2
BODY FAT % – 23.0
BMI – 32.5
WAIST – 46″
ARMS – 16.4″
THIGHS – 26.5″
WEIGHT – 270.6
BODY FAT % – 23.2
BMI – 32.6
WAIST – 45.75″
ARMS – 16.25″
THIGHS – 26.3″


There are LOTS of numbers above, for me I like the simplicity of just seeing the progressive simply from week to week.

Here’s my weight-loss from week to week …

10/12/15 – 277.8 (N/A)
10/14/15 – 273.8 (-04.0)
10/21/15 – 272.0 (-05.8)
10/28/15 – 272.8 (-05.0)
11/05/15 – 272.2 (-05.6)
11/12/15 – 272.2 (-05.6)
11/19/15 – 270.6 (-07.2)
11/26/15 – 000.0 (-00.0)
12/03/15 – 000.0 (-00.0)
12/10/15 – 000.0 (-00.0)
12/17/15 – 000.0 (-00.0)
12/24/15 – 000.0 (-00.0)
12/31/15 – 000.0 (-00.0)


No matter how far you are in the journey, it’s always good/fun/inspiring to look back at how far you’ve come.

Here are some classic pictures of Fat Josh, especially first one of me doing a — jumping jack? Oy vey! Why did I think that was a good picture to take?






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