Fight4Phat: Looking torward the bigger picture


It’s been an interesting couple of weeks since I started my 12 week program. It’s been empowering, enriching and needed on one hand — but frustrating and hella tough on the other. But, more frustrating then anything.

I’ve given 100% of my effort to the program and seen little progress over the past four weeks.It’s not like I am working out and then refueling with cheeseburgers and milkshakes. I’m putting forth the effort, eating what my diet calls for and — nothing to show for it.

Well, I shouldn’t say nothing — but minimal results. This has been the case pretty much for the past year — year and a half — with my health. It’s something I wish I had a clear cut answer for — because what should be a very simple solution (calories in + calories out = results) has turned into a complicated algebra equation. And, of course the variable is an unknown invisible number.

I hate those invisible unknown numbers. And, I was a “C” average math student — so that doesn’t help either.

Despite all of that — I am trying to stay positive. I am doing what I need to do — or know what I should be doing. And, hopefully, that will get me to where I want to be physically with my health and running.

While talking all of this out with a friend the other day — I got hit by an epiphany. Okay with an epiphany — when I say “hit” it makes it sound like I got injured or something. Sorry, I divert my point (something way to frequent). But, I got an epiphany that I need to look at the bigger picture. Not just the 12 week picture, but beyond those 12 weeks — to 4-6 months.


Well, for one — my body has been proving to be a stubborn S.O.B. and it could very well mean the 35-40lbs. I want to lose will take about six months.

But, it was also pointed out to me that this would allow me to break up my goal into smaller — more manageable goals. Now — this hasn’t been the first time this dawned on me as a good idea, but when I heard my friend talk about it — I was like — duh! It made total sense.


And, the thing is — I’ve done it before. I did it when I first lost my weight. But, I think I kind of forgot about that aspect of my weight loss, because I want the stuff I gained to be gone — quickly.

Science doesn’t work that way — well unless you staple your stomach, swallow a water balloon or go on a hunger strike. All not your best option in getting healthy the right way — for long term results.

So — I’ve decided to take that approach — my plan is two fold actually. First, I want to finish out my 12 week program. Realistically, my goal is to lose 10-15lbs. — well, as of today 12lbs. I just want to be under 260.

But, beyond that — I want to give myself six months to hit my goal of 230lbs. Well, specifically — June 11th. Why June 11th — because that’s the day of the Drop 13 Half down Big Cottonwood Canyon. And, to help with that goal — I want to also run that race sub-2:30.

Doable goals, right?

That basically means — that I would need to loose 5lbs. a month. VERY DOABLE. And, in fact, I might hit that goal of 230 much earlier. If I do — good on me. But, I’m not going to over do it — and expect more than that 5lbs. per month.

But, again — if it’s more — I’ll run with (quite literally).

I think stretching out the goal onto a bigger picture does a couple other things for me. One, it allows to me to continue to figure out what’s going on with my testosterone, thyroid, etc. — and — two, it takes the stress and anxiety that I’ve felt in getting it off.

I need to know that it takes time — by doing it that way. I am not a spring chicken anymore. I’m a mid-30 something that’s graying and starting to yell at kids from my front porch — so the aging process is in full affect.

So, yeah, that’s my mentality at this moment.

And, by next week I’ll make this into a graph and spread sheet — because I’m kinda OCD like that.

Also, next week I’ll be sharing my revised program now that my first four weeks are done of the 12 week program. It’ll be similar with a few changes.

Anyways — happy fitness!


The following is the progress of my 12 week program. During weeks 1-4 I am following my ‘fat flush’ plan that I wrote about earlier. I will discuss my plans for the remaining weeks in a couple of weeks. I am still formulating the plan with my trainer.

WEIGHT – 273.8 / 272.00 = -1.8
BODY FAT % – 30.2 / 24.0 = -6.2
BMI – 32.7 / 32.2 = -0.5
WAIST – 47.25″ / 46.5″ = 0.75″
ARMS – 18″ / 16.75″ = -1.25″
THIGHS – 27″ / 27″ = 0.00
WEIGHT – 273.8
BODY FAT % – 30.2
BMI – 32.7
WAIST – 47.25″
ARMS – 18″
THIGHS – 27″
WEIGHT – 272.0
BODY FAT % – 24.0
BMI – 32.2
WAIST – 46.5″
ARMS – 16.75″
THIGHS – 27″
WEIGHT – 272.8
BODY FAT % – 23.9
BMI – 32.7
WAIST – 46.25″
ARMS – 16.5″
THIGHS – 27″
WEIGHT – 272.2
BODY FAT % – 23.0
BMI – 32.5
WAIST – 46″
ARMS – 16.4″
THIGHS – 26.5″


There are LOTS of numbers above, for me I like the simplicity of just seeing the progressive simply from week to week. Here’s my weight-loss from week to week …

10/12/15 – 277.8 (N/A)
10/14/15 – 273.8 (-04.0)
10/21/15 – 272.0 (-05.8)
10/28/15 – 272.8 (-05.0)
11/05/15 – 272.2 (-05.6)
11/12/15 – 000.0 (-00.0)
11/19/15 – 000.0 (-00.0)
11/26/15 – 000.0 (-00.0)
12/03/15 – 000.0 (-00.0)
12/10/15 – 000.0 (-00.0)
12/17/15 – 000.0 (-00.0)
12/24/15 – 000.0 (-00.0)
12/31/15 – 000.0 (-00.0)


No matter how far you are in the journey, it’s always good/fun/inspiring to look back at how far you’ve come.

Here are some classic pictures of Fat Josh —





When I hit my highest weight in college — I knew I had to make a change. I knew I had to make a change even before the scale hit 400lbs. I had been rapidly gaining weight for over two years and I needed it to stop.

I felt like crap — emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically.

Basically, every aspect of my life sucked. I really don’t think there’s another way to say that?

Since I had lost nearly 60lbs. while on my mission, I knew I could do it. I had to put in less than what I was putting out. I knew I had to change my eating habits. This included trading in my Arby’s 5 for $5 meal for something more sensible — like a salad or a homemade meal.

So, mid-way through my senior year of college I started making those changes. I swapped perceived non-diet foods for diet foods. This included fruits and vegetables I liked, Healthy Choice TV dinners and more homemade meals.

Problem was — I wasn’t really controlling what I ate.

I ate grapes and berries — but, I could eat a whole bag of grapes within a day. No joke — let’s not talk about what this did to my digestive system. Sure, it was fruit, but loaded with (natural) sugar.

Healthy Choice TV dinners NEVER filled me up (and for the record — they still don’t). So I would either eat two or supplement it with something else from the kitchen. Sometimes Ramen or a couple of eggs.

And, well, homemade meals really was just a way for me to save money compared to eating fastfood. In fact, when of my go to meals was a Ramen noodle omelet “thing” I would make with loads of cheese and Ranch dressing — for taste.

Oh and my workouts were basically 30 minutes on the elliptical at a pace that would disturb my TV watching. Not ideal — or effective. Certainly not enough to burn of a Ramen noodle omelet with Ranch and cheese.

Though I convinced myself that I was BEING healthy — I really wasn’t. If anything I maybe neutralized my weight — but not by much.

That’s why today — over six years later, I make sure I am accountable about what’s going into my body. I don’t drink soda and rarely do I eat something that is labeled “fat-free” or “diet.” I go for what’s real. And, if I want a treat — I go for the real thing.

All within reason.

And, with view of a larger picture. A picture that shows my overall health and direction. One that isn’t just a bunch of smokes and screens giving me the illusion that I am “healthy.”

Because, really, health is relative in our approach and if we’re going to make real change — we have to be honest with ourselves. Something now — more than ever — I ask myself continually.



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