Fight4Phat: So far, so good … so I’m just going to keep fightin’!


It’s been an interesting past couple of weeks. I won’t lie, I haven’t felt this motivated, excited and optimistic about my weight loss in a while. I’ve always worried about being TOO fanatical with it to the point that it is over consuming and not healthy. But, I feel more optimism than anything, mainly because I am starting to see results.

Small, but results nonetheless.

And, I have to learn to be patient about that, because my metabolism isn’t what it used to be. When I first started my weight-loss journey I pretty much melted. I’d love to once again melt, but I know that’s not going to be happening. Of course unless I put myself on the water and bread diet for a couple months.

One thing that I have been really focusing on this past week is water consumption. I drink 15oz. of cold water first thing when I wake up and then 15oz. before I go to bed. Then I drink anywhere from 72-96oz. of water during the day. This isn’t including what I am drinking at home in the evening or my workouts.

Water is the fuel of life and if I am going to give my metabolism a fighting chance I’ve got to keep it well fueled. Especially in the morning when my metabolism needs a jump start, there is nothing better than cold water to do the trick. There are even studies out there that state that — examples here, here, here and here.

But, really, the key is being consistent to my plan. Consistency really is THE SECRET to weight-loss — or health in general. You’re either consistently making good or bad decisions. Consistency becomes habit and based off your consistent decisions … so you will be.

That’s why and how a fitness journey is more so the reprogramming of the individual. What do you think they’re doing on The Biggest Loser or Extreme Weight Loss? It’s reprogramming habits. It’s reprogramming identity. It’s reprogramming anxieties, fears and doubts. And, more or less, that’s what I am doing again. It’s not as extreme as it was over 5 years ago, but I’m reprogramming myself into making better decision based on my current situation.

And, I feel it’s working, thus fueling that progressive and reprogram even more.

Anyways, I could write more and more and more about all of that. Heck, I should probably write a book. But, know this, I’m fighting. Because with a good fight all of the reprogramming, consistency and focus would be for naught.



The following is the progress of my 12 week program. During weeks 1-4 I am following my ‘fat flush’ plan that I wrote about earlier. I will discuss my plans for the remaining weeks in a couple of weeks. I am still formulating the plan with my trainer.

WEIGHT – 273.8 / 272.00 = -1.8
BODY FAT % – 30.2 / 24.0 = -6.2
BMI – 32.7 / 32.2 = -0.5
WAIST – 47.25″ / 46.5″ = 0.75″
ARMS – 18″ / 16.75″ = -1.25″
THIGHS – 27″ / 27″ = 0.00
WEIGHT – 273.8
BODY FAT % – 30.2
BMI – 32.7
WAIST – 47.25″
ARMS – 18″
THIGHS – 27″
WEIGHT – 272.0
BODY FAT % – 24.0
BMI – 32.2
WAIST – 46.5″
ARMS – 16.75″
THIGHS – 27″
(I am going to retest my Body Fat % because a 6% drop seems a TAD too high. More than likely is has to do with my level of hydration at the time of testing).


There are LOTS of numbers above, for me I like the simplicity of just seeing the progressive simply from week to week. Here’s my weight-loss from week to week …

10/14/15 – 273.8
10/21/15 – 272.0 (-01.8)
10/28/15 – 000.0 (-00.0)
11/04/15 – 000.0 (-00.0)
11/11/15 – 000.0 (-00.0)
11/18/15 – 000.0 (-00.0)
11/25/15 – 000.0 (-00.0)
12/02/15 – 000.0 (-00.0)
12/09/15 – 000.0 (-00.0)
12/16/15 – 000.0 (-00.0)
12/23/15 – 000.0 (-00.0)
12/30/15 – 000.0 (-00.0)


No matter how far you are in the journey, it’s always good/fun/inspiring to look back at how far you’ve come.

But, can we also talk about that awkward running picture of Fat Josh? How in the world did I think that was a good idea? Seriously?!

Either way, at least I look MUCH better running, right?

1909950_1083777665526_1165425_n 222055_1036115273996_1893952_n 227303_1034599636106_2660760_n


I’m a complex creature. My mother has always told me that. I don’t know how different that really makes me? I’d like to think there is more to people then meets the eye, despite what some people fail to do.

I went through “a lot” in my developing years to turn out where I am today. I was born blind. I didn’t regain my vision until I was ready to start Kindergarten. Throughout my toddlerhood I was that kid on the playground wearing Coke-shaped glasses playing alone. I don’t know if that had more to do with my enormous glasses or fact that I was quite yet potty trained. But, that’s a whole other story.

Because of my sight this set me back developmentally. I didn’t start walking until I was over 18 months. I wasn’t diagnosed with autism, but my mother is convinced it explains a lot of my irrational behaviors. This included a diagnosed auditory processing disorder that I still work with today. Again a whole other story that’s WAY too long to explain right now.

I was placed in special education during my elementary years and remained there for about eight years. By my senior year of high school I had had enough and removed myself from the program. If there was any turning point that spurred my weight-loss and running journey it would have been this decision. A decision that came over 10 years before I ever wore running shoes.

I knew there was more to life than being a part of a system that pretty much told me who I was. I knew I was much more than that. I wanted to do what I wanted to do. So when I took myself out of special ed, I took classes that interested me — journalism, art history, art theory and a communication graphics class.

And you know what? I thrived.

I got my first 4.0 GPA during my Senior year. In fact, my four highest GPAs in high school were in my senior year — and I didn’t have ONE special ed class. I think there are a few reasons for that change. One, I was doing what I wanted and had a passion for and, two, I was author of my destiny. I was writing MY book. No one else … just me.

This mentality carried me throughout my mission and college. I found my passions and I followed where they went. I wrote my story and defined who I was.

I believe this is one reason why when I made the decision to lose weight it was kinda easy for me. I knew what to do. I knew I could do it. I had lost over 50lbs. once before — on my mission. Plus, I knew if I wanted to bad enough I had to be the one to put in the work, make the changes and go where I wanted and needed to go. Just like I had nearly a decade before in high school.

Sure there were setbacks and difficulties along the way. It’s foolish to think the road to here has been paved in gold and puppies. It’s been hard and it continues to be. Which is good. Opposition is needed.

But, the pathway was easier to bare because I had realized earlier that my happiness, my future, my successes, my failures and my life is up to — me. And, just me. I am the author of my life and it’s up to me to write the book. I think this is one reason why I love to write so much?

So when you are frustrating at the hand dealed you in life. You have a choice. Do you let those circumstances define you or do you go ahead and rewrite the story? Everyone loves a plot twist, a comeback and an underdog.

So really, what’s stopping you from writing your story?



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