Fight4Phat: Three weeks in, three weeks fighting


If you have noticed — I have moved my Fight4Phat posts to Thursdays. Really, it’s because Thursdays give me an extra day to put more effort into the posts. And, I’ve been fairly busy as of late and blogging three times a week is a little tough right now. So that extra day helps — tons.

I am on week three of week four of my fat flush. It’s been kinda tough. I’m putting the work in, but the results are slowly coming. This is the part of the hypothyroidism and low testosterone that I hate. I really need to find a solution if I am not where I want to be by December. But, I am not trying to focus on that right now. The focus right now is really to just be healthy — I want the weight to drop, but if it’s not then I have something to go to the doctor with about my efforts.

And hopefully my new doctor wouldn’t just tell me to join Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig like the last one.

I am trying to stay positive, active and on spot with the diet. So far, so good. The positivity is probably the hardest thing at the moment. I just want to see quicker results like I have had in the past. But, I HAVE to be patient. I know I’ll find the solution sooner or later. I just have to be the change I want, right?

The focus is week has been steps and cardio. I’ve made sure I am walking and running nearly everyday. I’m walking to the bus stop, walking during lunch and running my errands around campus — plus doing at least 30-40 minutes on the treadmill in the evening. That’s on top of my burpees, weights and circuit training — which I’ve had to move to home (long story, I’ll tell you when you’re older).

But, I do wonder if I need to be doing more or else? Like I said though — I am not changing my course now. I’ll reassess in a couple of weeks when the Fat Flush ends and adapt.

At least I am going in the right direction, right? After all … that’s a good thing.


The following is the progress of my 12 week program. During weeks 1-4 I am following my ‘fat flush’ plan that I wrote about earlier. I will discuss my plans for the remaining weeks in a couple of weeks. I am still formulating the plan with my trainer.

WEIGHT – 273.8 / 272.00 = -1.8
BODY FAT % – 30.2 / 24.0 = -6.2
BMI – 32.7 / 32.2 = -0.5
WAIST – 47.25″ / 46.5″ = 0.75″
ARMS – 18″ / 16.75″ = -1.25″
THIGHS – 27″ / 27″ = 0.00
WEIGHT – 273.8
BODY FAT % – 30.2 (not sure if reading was correct based off subsequent readings)
BMI – 32.7
WAIST – 47.25″
ARMS – 18″
THIGHS – 27″
WEIGHT – 272.0
BODY FAT % – 24.0
BMI – 32.2
WAIST – 46.5″
ARMS – 16.75″
THIGHS – 27″
WEIGHT – 272.8
BODY FAT % – 23.9
BMI – 32.7
WAIST – 46.25″
ARMS – 16.5″
THIGHS – 27″


There are LOTS of numbers above, for me I like the simplicity of just seeing the progressive simply from week to week. Here’s my weight-loss from week to week …

10/12/15 – 277.8 (N/A)
10/14/15 – 273.8 (-04.0)
10/21/15 – 272.0 (-05.8)
10/28/15 – 272.8 (-05.0)
11/04/15 – 000.0 (-00.0)
11/11/15 – 000.0 (-00.0)
11/18/15 – 000.0 (-00.0)
11/25/15 – 000.0 (-00.0)
12/02/15 – 000.0 (-00.0)
12/09/15 – 000.0 (-00.0)
12/16/15 – 000.0 (-00.0)
12/23/15 – 000.0 (-00.0)
12/30/15 – 000.0 (-00.0)


No matter how far you are in the journey, it’s always good/fun/inspiring to look back at how far you’ve come.

But, can we also talk about that awkward running picture of Fat Josh? How in the world did I think that was a good idea? Seriously?!

Either way, at least I look MUCH better running, right?

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  1. My mom has been dealing with hypothyroidism for as long as I can remember. She’s tried a lot of things to deal with it, including taking kelp and iosol iodine. The thing that made the biggest difference for her was being diagnosed with celiac disease and managing that. Apparently, a lot of people with hypothyroidism also have celiac disease. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, but it might be worth investigating.

    Keep up the fight! You’re an inspiration!


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