Firehouse Fitness 12 Week Challenge


As many of you that read my blog know this past summer has been kind of a bummer. My dreams of getting washboard abs and doing my Mama’s laundry on them promptly died when my doctor put me on testosterone medication that killed my thyroid medication. Without my thyroid meds telling my metabolism what to do I gained much unwanted weight, despite the fact that I was working out and running regularly. You know something is wrong when you run a marathon and gain the same amount of weight you’d gain if you binge at a family of cornish gamehens.

Life just isn’t fair sometimes.

However after going to another doctor for a second opinion he took me off the testosterone and waited to see how my thyroid would react. Well, after cleansing myself of the testosterone meds for a weeks I started feeling a bit normal again and my weight started to drop a bit. THANKFULLY!

But, even in the past couple of weeks as I’ve tried to get into my grooooove (read in a sexy Barry White voice) I just lacked the fire and drive. I needed some motivation. I held myself back a little bit the week of the Big Cottonwood Marathon, but then last week when I thought I found that grooooove (remember Barry’s voice). But, nope. I got a fun little sinus infection.

So this momentum found me at the gym on Monday night wanting to find that grooooove. After talking to Trainer Jason about my deep dark troubles he told me that the gym was doing a 12 week challenge starting on Wednesday. It was a $100 buy in and then at the end of the 12 weeks there would be three winners … an overall men’s winner, women’s winner and then a couples’ winner. The prize would per category would be about $1000 or so.

Right then, I knew this was that carrot I needed! It fired me up and got me excited. I did a similar challenge a couple years ago with my sister and we won both the men and women’s category. I knew I could do this and I knew what it took to get the results I wanted and needed to win. So why not again?

So last night I got home from my initial weigh-in and measurements and started planning out the next 12 weeks. I know it’s not going to be an easy challenge. Not only is it hard work to get the results, but the challenge will be over the major span of the holiday season as it ends on December 23rd. So instead of mindlessly eating at holiday parties or shared holiday treats you are kind of forced to actually think about what you’re eating during the holidays. Rude, huh?

Trainer Jason is also providing me with a workout plan, food plan and weekly motivations. I haven’t received the food menu yet, but I am sure that I will share a portion of my diet once I get it. I know that it will be high protein and low carb for the majority of the week (except around my races and long runs of course). I am calendar and organization nerd so these kind of things I love!

My goals for the next 12 weeks are these …

  • Win the competition.
  • Lose 30lbs. (or more).
  • Lose 5% body fat (or more).
  • Log all of my food on MyFitnessPal.
  • Log all of my exercise on MyFitnessPal.

It will help having 10 races between now and December 23rd, but I also planning on changing some of my small little habits. I am going to force myself to drink my needed 96oz. of water every day and instead of eating lunch at my desk I am going to walk during my lunch hour. That will add about another 1.5 mile or so to my daily mileage.

But, except more to come next week about this challenge. I will also be tracking my progress on Facebook. So if you really want to stalk me feel free to go even further with the stalking, I guess?


But, of course after this …


I have to say after eating this THINKING I’d enjoy it before my 12 week challenge, I was WRONG! SERIOUSLY WRONG! I didn’t put into the account that my stupid sinus infection would make me sound like a barking sea lion in heat. I couldn’t stop coughing after eating my shake.

Lesson learned. 



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