#FitnessFriday: A Midnight Run, Pokemon Go and some Whole30 fun …

FRIDAY, FRIDAY, FRIDAY! I haven’t been this excited for Friday — since — last Friday! I definitely work for the weekend. It’s been a good and productive week, but I am ready for a reprieve. And, summer weekends are the best at providing that.

It’s actually been a really good week — had a few really good runs. Not so much the physically great, but the emotionally great runs. I had a double run day on Monday and then did a couple of miles yesterday while also doing some needed circuit training in the days between my running days.

Then tonight I am racing the Utah Midnight Run in Farmington, doing some running tomorrow morning and then mowing the lawn. I know I should really add mowing as a workout — but, I do. When I do the whole lawn it’s about 3.5 miles of walking. It’s a great workout. Now if I could just run and mow at the same time that’d be ideal.

I am really starting to focus on my 50 miler in October (October 21-22). Like, getting excited about it and planning out my race plan. I am in the process of organizing my crew, meals and schedule. I don’t want to do overdo the planning, but this being my first 50 miler — I kinda think I should? It’s the prepper in me I guess?

I’ve already started making a list of food I’ll need (want) to get for the race. As expected bananas are pretty much on the top of that list along with grapes, pretzels and canned potatoes. I know canned potatoes sound nasty, but during a long arduous run there is nothing better than canned potatoes dipped in salt. Seriously. It saved my life last year at the Antelope Island 50K.

So, yeah, I’ll need plenty of that in my life when October comes.

Anyways — I am going to be blogging more about that all next week or so. So stay tuned for that. But, if you are interested in crewing or pacing me, let me know? I am thinking of getting a crew of 3-4, but if I can find a big vehicle — let’s make the party bigger, right?

Anyways, stay tuned next week for more on all of that. Just know, I am getting really excited for October!

So it should be a good weekend coming ahead. Lots of running, family time and SUMMER loving! But, make sure to come back tomorrow for my race pictures of tonight’s race and my Whole30 results from my second round!

Make it a great weekend! Go running!

125-Utah Midnight Run Legacy

Wow, only 55 more races until I hit my goal. It’s really hard to believe that tonight’s Utah Midnight Run will be my 125th race! That’s 25 races just in the past year. Which has been pretty much my pace since 2012.

People ask me why I race so much. The first answer is well — because I love it. I obviously wouldn’t be doing it this much if I didn’t love it. But, also, because I want to get as many of my races done (if not all) before I settle down, get married, have those kid things and all that jazz. Because, I know with great responsibility comes a lot less running.

Anyways — I am looking forward to tonight’s race. This is my fifth year running this specific race in Farmington. The original one. There is another Utah Midnight Run in Provo and I ran that last year. But, ever since 2012 I have ran this race. I’ve had some up and down experiences with it.

It was the first race I ran after my first marathon. I had some pretty nasty shin splints the first couple of miles to deal with during the race. Not fun. It was also the first race I puked during back in 2014. I was pacing and just got — sick. I felt better eventually, especially after barking at some spiders. But, it wasn’t fun. It was just too hot for my liking.

But, races like last year’s were a lot of run. I ran with Tim and pretty much had a party and a half. We swept the course of runners and glowsticks. We made some pretty fun glowstick get ups from all the fallen ones. It was a great time.

So, with the race — I am not sure what to expect? I am not sweeping it. I am just running it. Well, I am actually using it as a training run. Because then tomorrow morning I am going to run 3-5 miles to get some good fatigue training in. But, I won’t lie — I’m half to tempted to turn the run into a hike. I’m kinda craving a hike.

But, I digress.

If you’re going to be there tonight, come say hi! Jim and I are recording an episode of the Runcast during packet pick up! And, if you are the first person to come say “I PARKED THE CAR IN HARVARD YARD” you’ll get a free entry into the East Canyon Marathon (August 27).

So who’s running with me tonight?


Okay, we were going to post this last week before the servers over on PodBash crashed thanks to an awesome day of listening (really this is a good problem to have).

This has pushed back the Runcast to July 29th. Why two weeks? Because, “Are We Prepared, Yet?” will be returning next Friday (July 22nd) to the Friday circuit. Schwendy and I recorded this past week — and it’s a good episode. I’m excited to launch it next Friday.

But, give listen to the newest episode of Addict II Athlete. This is a great story. And, please if it strikes a chord with you — share it. You know never know who you are going to inspire to make the change they need to make in their life.


I just had one of the scariest experiences this morning — and I’m not afraid to chalk it up to the paranormal. When walking from my room to upstairs this morning I heard something in the family room near the grandkids’ toys, etc. I walked in to inspect the noise thinking it could be the turtle’s filter going out or something. Nope. It was my toy horse Clip Clop swaying by itself and “clopping” as it does when ridden. But, that wasn’t the worse part! After a few seconds of trying to process what was going on — IT NAYED! The only time it nays is when it’s ridden long and hard (TWSS) for an extended period of time! After it nayed it stopped. It’s never done this and I’ve had since I was a toddler — so about 30-33 years? WHAT AN EXPERIENCE! #paranormal #horse

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Oh look, I got one of those things. #ihavenoideawhatimdoing #butthisisfun #pokemongo

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When autocorrect makes you giggle like a schoolgirl. #polemoms #gottacatchemall

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I think I was just crowned Prom King by the munchkin? #nowwhatdoido? #calliekoko #unclejosher

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Well, today is my LAST day of my second round of Whole — which means tomorrow is my weigh-in! I’m eager to see my progress. Also a little nervous.

Mainly nervous because I don’t want to be disappointed. But, I shouldn’t be. I’ve been spot on with the diet plan, I feel great and I am looking thinner. So, really I shouldn’t be disappointed.

I am trying not to go into the weigh-in with an expected number. Part of me wants to lose another 17.8lbs. But, I feel that wasn’t the case this go around. Ideally, I’d like to be in the 240s. But, what if I am not? What if I am at 250.1?

I don’t want to go away from the weigh-in disappointed, because that’d still be 13lbs. dropped since June 15th.

You see why the Whole30 only has you step on the scale after your 30 days is over? There’s wisdom in it. Otherwise this madness would be an everyday thing. But, that’s a post for another day.

I am not going to delve into too much more — because I am going to share my results on the blog tomorrow after my weigh-in. PLUS — next week I am going to share some of my thoughts on the Whole30 diet plan.

I wanted to write it after my first round, but felt that getting two rounds of Whole30 would give me a bit more insight. So, stay tuned for that around Wednesday or Thursday next week.

Anyways — DEEP BREATH — we shall see what tomorrow brings.

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