#FitnessFriday: Blarghuchiapohinugh!

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If you’re trying to decipher what’s above — basically what I am saying is this …

This week started out great — Monday was my birthday, I had my final Whole30 weigh-in as well. I started 35 off with a lot of promise and momentum. Then after that … the week just went down hill from there.

I started getting sick on Wednesday. Scratchy throat, runny nose and the aches and pains. At first I thought it was my body reacting to my birthday cake. Which it could have been? But, after a couple of days of clean eating after my birthday that did nothing. I just got worse.

I was hoping it was allergies, but I am pretty sure it’s a cold. Last night I downed a couple shots of NyQuil and went to bed at 8:30pm. And, I slept for a good 12 hours. I am still producing a runny nose, but my throat is no longer dying.

I wanted to jump into my new diet plan yesterday, but I’m pushing that back a day or two, because I drank a lot of Gatorade and Powerade to help keep me hydrated and alive. I haven’t changed my diet much outside of the Whole30 — it’s pretty much the same thing right now. I did add my Isagenix shakes. But, I’ll blog all about that next week.

Anyways — I have a 10-15 mile training run planned for tomorrow morning down Big Cottonwood. I should be okay to run it — I don’t have any congestion below the neck. It’s just all coming from the nose. So I should be fine.

I hope.

Next week is the Run Elevated Half down Little Cottonwood Canyon. I am planning on a sub-2:30. I haven’t trained well this week because of the illness. So I really hope I can hit that mark? I am a little worried — I won’t lie.

But, I feel confident that I can hit that mark, it just won’t be easy. Luckily, that course is FAST!

Anyways — I owe you a better post next week. Thanks for being patient, I hate HATE being sick. It’s the worst thing next to being an adult.

Runcast - Podbash Banner

Hydrate Wearable Photo 5 (1)

This is a pretty cool podcast. Jorge and I are joined by Jeff and Devin from Hydrate talking about — HYDRATION! If you remember last episode Jimbo passed out in church due to hydration issues. Jeff and Devin share their new product (pictured above) that will athletes and runners alike keep hydrated, but elevate their performance as well.

In addition to talk about the new Hydrate product, we’re also giving away an entry into the Layton Marathon (October 8). But, you have to listen to the podcast to get the code!



Taking shots before bedtime. BLARGH! #ivegotsthecold #killmenow #actuallydont #sendmestuff #likemorenyquil

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