#FitnessFriday: Changing things up a tad

After having a couple weeks off of blogging — I thought of ways to improve the blog. Fix it up a bit here and there. You might notice some cosmetic changes — including some of my running pictures on one of the side panels.

But, I also wanted to improve the posts — instead of focusing on a couple long posts a week, I want to focus on sharing something daily. Albeit, short. But, then occasionally have the loooong post. This means, I am cutting my Friday posts some and distributing that over the week.

I am still going to do my Daily Shorts, but as you might have notice I did that on Wednesday. I am not sticking that on Wednesday it might move around week by week. I also want to start writing more general running content — instead of solely based on my journey. I used to do that, but have gotten out of the habit.

So, yeah, expect some of those changes and maybe more. But, in all, I am just grateful you’re reading my little blog. It amazes me at how many people read my posts and listen to my podcast. Especially since I can’t stand the way I sound over the air — but, I’m sure everyone feels that way about themselves?

One thing that I am trying to streamline some is my blog with my podcast, Runcast USA, and Addict II Athlete (AIIA) on PodBash. These are released every other alternating Friday. And, the goal that Coach Blu and I have is to make Friday all about fitness. Hence the #FitnessFriday hashtag and title on this post.

I am excited because we’re turning one our Runcast USA episodes a month into a music heavy podcast. We’ve heard many of our listeners download both the Runcast USA and AIIA episodes and listen to them while running (or working out). So, why not give our listeners a little music, eh?

I am excited about those changes and the emphasis of #FitnessFriday. So, I am bringing that over to my blog as well. I’ll share the podcasts (as seen below) and emphasize fitness, my weight-loss goals and numbers and whatever I feel worth sharing.

Anyways — welcome to #FitnessFriday! I hope you like the changes!


I look forward to the Addict II Athlete podcasts — unbeknownst to most — I actually get to listen to them before they’re released on Podbash. I secretly love this, because I love the stories of these athletes. You don’t have to have an “addiction” to benefit or understand the struggles, triumphs and victories of these athletes.

This podcast featuring Heath really drives home that point. Plus, it helps point out ways we display addictive behavior throughout our daily life. Anyways — this is a great episode!

Give it a listen …

Race photographers always get my best angle mid-race. #race118 #provocityhalf #running

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Alright Pizza Cat let’s go do this. I promise you if we go run tonight, you’ll get pizza this weekend. #runningis4fools

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I live here. I run here. I love it here. #sunset

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I haven’t reported my weight here on the blog for a couple weeks — due to the “user error.” But, since I was going until my half marathon training for the Provo City Half was done — I guess this is the end?

Not much has changed worth reporting. Overall — I lost like 1.5lbs. with lots of yo-yo’ing. I won’t lie — it’s kinda deflating. But, I also know I worked hard for those 1.5lbs. But, convincing myself that it matters seems like I’m fooling myself.

Am I disappointed? Yes. Am I defeated? No. Just like a marathon, I feel like I am at Mile 20 and have hit this wall that’s been nearly impenetrable. But, if I’ve learned anything from my running — it’s when you hit that wall, you just keep going. You find a way.

So, that’s my mentality.

Plus, I have a couple more doctor appointments coming up dealing with my thyroid and testosterone in early June. The doctor I am going to had quite the wait for new patients — which I guess is a good sign? I feel optimistic about it.

But, my focus is still holding myself accountable for my health — and not solely trusting a pill. I know I need the pill and medication, but the less I rely on it the better in my opinion. So a lot of that will be done through not just exercise — but, diet.

So starting within the next week or so my sister and I are starting the Whole 30 Diet. We both have thyroid issues and weight we want to lose. Plus, doing it together will help us stay accountable and I am at my best when I am held accountable.

I will probably be writing more that later next week. I am still reading up on it myself, but I am excited to start something new and continue fighting through the wall.

276.8 LBS.
BODY FAT%: 24.5%
BMI: 31.4
WAIST: 45.0″
ARMS: 16″

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