#FitnessFriday: Dealing with my annual Post-RAGNAR Cold

ARGH-LICIOUS! You know how rain has become a tradition for the Ogden Marathon? Well, a cold or illness has become a tradition for me after running RAGNAR. It’s pretty easy to see how — you’re running on VERY little sleep (about nine hours in three days for me) and just wearing your body thin.

I tried to run through it on Monday — and did so somewhat successfully to keep my strike alive. But, it officially died on Tuesday. I just had nothing in the tank after work and ended up in bed around 8:30pm. But, I’m sharing more of all of that below — so go read that for more details.

I am feeling better. Much better. It was a quick recovery. I just hate dealing with it. I hate colds. But, then again, I’m not sure if I’ve ever met anyone who loves them?!

I do feel ready for tomorrow’s half marathon. I’m excited to just run. The canyon, course and cause are all personal favorites of mine. It’s going to be a great day — I have no doubt about that.

I signed up for a couple races this past week. Most noteworthy being the Pony Express 50 Trail Run in October. I already committed to running it — I just hadn’t registered yet. I was kinda waiting until the last possible moment until the registration price goes up — and that is happening at the end of the month.

I am nervous — for sure. But, more than that I am just excited to tackle this beast. I have a lot of optimism and faith I’ll be able to rock it. I just need to trust in the training, do the miles, continue to lose weight and just get stronger and healthier.

A tall task. But, like training for a 5K, 10K or marathon — it’s just one step at a time. PLUS — the cut off is pretty forgiving (20 hours). Which for a first time 50 mile ultra runner — I’m appreciative of. So, yeah, I know I can do this! I’m working on getting a crew together — so if you want to come party with me and maybe even run some miles, let me know!

I also signed up for the Run Elevated Half Marathon (August 27). I wasn’t going to run any races in August — because the 27th is a planned 20 miler for me. But, the goal for my 20 milers is to make them both physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually challenging for me.

On August 13th, I am planning on running 20 miles on a treadmill at midnight and then on the 27th I am planning on racing Run Elevated — and then about an hour later — run the last seven miles needed for my 20 miles of the day.

The goal is to do some fatigue training — obviously. But, emotionally and mentally — this is going to be tough for me. After a race — I’m usually checked out. My body and mind are checked out. I am sure I could pump out a few more miles right after crossing the finish line. But, I am to simulate REAL fatigue. I am going to let me body rest and recover for about an hour — before starting to run again.

It will be brutal.

But, it will also be some great ultra training. I really want to show my body and mind that I can push through anything tough. I don’t want to give it an excuse out on the course to stop.

I am also planning on doing some similar runs and techniques with my registered marathons in the fall. I am sweeping the Big Cottonwood Marathon — that alone is tough, being on your feet for about 6-7 hours. It’s great fatigue training, especially as you get out of the canyon and into the heat. You better believe me that I’ll be getting another Slurpee mid-race again.

Then I am running the Huntsville Marathon the following week. My plan there is to run the first 13 miles at a pretty good clip. Like my half marathon pace — take a 15-20 break at the midpoint and then run the rest. Again, I want to simulate fatigue and push through that.

I am not sure what I want to do with the St. George Marathon yet. I think I just want to run it easy. Veyo Hill and the two miles after that climb will be a good enough challenge. But, maybe I’ll pick up the speed at Snow Canyon? I don’t know. I’m taking suggestions for that.

Anyways — I am excited. Nervous. Inspired. Motivated. Pretty much all of the emotions.

It’s going to be a fun adventure. An adventure I am on now! Every race — every mile — lead to that 50 miler.


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I am pretty excited about tomorrow’s race. This is one of my favorite races for many, many, many reasons. First, I absolutely love the course — American Fork Canyon is downright GORGEOUS! Second, I love the cause. How can you not love a race that donates 100% of it’s collected race fees to local cancer center (specifically the Intermountain Healthcare Cancer Center).

Cancer affects pretty much everyone — if it hasn’t personally hit you, odds are it has directly affected loved ones. As many of you know my mom is a breast cancer survivor. She was diagnosed back in March 2012 and went through the whole double mastectomy, chemotherapy, radiation and numerous reconstructive surgeries to not just get her boob backs, but to tweak muscles and ligaments affected by the reconstructive surgeries.

My grandpa succumbed to lung cancer 20 years ago. That was tough to process as a teenager, especially when he was such a big part of my world. I’ve also lost a couple of childhood friends to cancer. Way before their “time” to go.

Cancer just sucks.

While I am running for my Mom and those who have passed on. I am also running for those who are fighting now. That is why when I registered for this race (basically on Day #1 of registration) I started the #Run4Dith team. Because, last year around this team my friend Meridith aka “The Dith” was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Before she started chemotherapy she ran the Timp Half (down the same canyon) and all of her friends decided to run with her in pink! It was such a great experience. I decked myself out in pink — including my infamous pink bra — and ran for her and those who have, are and will fight cancer.

Tomorrow isn’t going to be any different. “The Dith” will be running with us again. And, this time around it seems a bit more celebratory than the last time. She still has an arduous road ahead of her with surgery, but she’s gotten past a lot of the “crap.” I am looking forward to running with her and the “#Run4Dith” team tomorrow.

As far as goals go — considering how I’ve felt this past week with my cold — I don’t know? I’d love to break 2:30 and better my time from Drop13. But, knowing how my legs and stamina go — I am shooting for between 2:30:00-2:39:59. I just want a sub 2:40. That’s really my only goal.

I am running with my Garmin for the first time in over a year — so that should help. I want to pace myself to about 11:45-12:00 minute miles. But, then again — I am also going to go off feeling. If I am running to bust it — I’m going to bust it. I just need to remember to save some energy in the tank for the last few miles out of the canyon.



Due to weddings and RAGNAR last week there was no Runcast. That will be coming next Friday. But, AIIA is still rolling! This week’s episode is an interview with Jeff Smith. This is a GREAT episode. Such a humble man. You’ll love this story.

Give it a listen …


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It’s been an odd week. I am now nine days into my second round of Whole30. Nothing too exciting to report. It’s basically going about the same as it was during my first round. Lots of salads, omelets, fresh fruits (namely bananas and grapes) and potatoes — with other things inbetween.

But, as far as the fitness side of things — especially with my cold — this week was just not my best. My running streak died on Tuesday. I cranked out a mile on Monday, but it just didn’t happen on Tuesday. I was so out of it — I just downed some Tylenol PM around 8:30pm and called it a night. The sleep really helped and was needed.

As noted above — this is my third year in a row that I’ve gotten sick after RAGNAR. It’s pretty much become a tradition now — much like rain at the Ogden Marathon. It’s been a cold two of the three years — and then last year it was heat exhaustion that just made me sicker than sick for the following three days after the race.

I worked out a little on Wednesday and then last night I did do a small circuit training along with a two mile treadmill run. Nothing too extraordinary. Oh, I also mowed the lawn — if you want to consider that a workout. But, when it’s 90+ degrees outside — it turns into one.

Anyways — it’s probably good to have a slow week. I really just needed to recoup from RAGNAR and let my body rest. The one thing I noticed though was how quickly my body is rebounding from this cold. It’s been a couple day endeavor, not 7-10 days like I usually get them. I credit a lot of that to the Whole30 Diet. Because, I am not eating added sugar or dairy — two causes of inflammation in the body.

So, I am just saving my energy for my race tomorrow. I want to run strong and I feel like I will. But, the body needs to heal some and I am ready to get back at 100% next week. I’ve got to remember this is a marathon and not a sprint. 

Anyways — everything else is going well with the diet. I am losing more weight. I can feel that. I am not stepping on the scale again until July 16th — but, I feel the difference around the waist and my energy levels. And, of course how fast I have rebounded from this stupid cold.

This diet plan really works. And, really, it’s not that hard. It’s just educating yourself to what you’re eating and doing it. It’s not very restrictive — sure there’s no dairy, added sugar, processed foods, legumes and grains. But, it makes you open up to a whole new world of other foods. Good, whole foods.

I highly recommend it. Not only if you are wanting to losing 30-40lbs — but simply to get healthy and be fit.

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