#FitnessFriday: Epic adventures in (half) marathoning and I’m kinda now a Disc Jockey (be impressed)

I love race weekends — especially BIG race weekends And, by big I mean like the 2,000+ participants race. Hear in Utah that usually means — Salt Lake City, Ogden, Utah Valley, St. George and Big Cottonwood Marathons. They are always FULL of energy from the expo to finish line. I love them.

Plus, now that I’ve been running for over 5 years — I’ve ran a number of races multiple times. This will be my fifth year running Ogden. Tomorrow will be my fourth half marathon — and I did the marathon back in 2014 as well. That was a fun one — because only a few select people knew I was running the marathon, so I could surprise my friend Becky.

But, I am excited for the expo tonight — the buttcrack of dawn drive to Ogden — the buttcrack of dawn drive up Ogden Canyon — and then of course the running part.

I will be running with Jill and Tim. Jill wasn’t planning on running Ogden, but this week she bought a bib and decided to give it a go. Speaking of buying bibs — it’s been crazy seeing how many bibs are for sale online. You usually see race bibs for these big races for sale, but I’ve seen a lot more than usual. What gives? Is it just injuries? Or lack of training? Either way, if you want to run Ogden, just wait until a couple weeks before to find a cheap bib.

My game plan is pretty simple for tomorrow — beat my 2:55 time from Provo City. It’s doable, very doable. I had a good run last night and felt great — so that’s a good sign. I’m going to rely on Tim and Jill to help push me and I’ll do the same for them. The biggest obstacle will be the first couple miles because of the climb into the canyon and then of course the last few miles are fairly flat as you make your way into Downtown and the finish line.

Tomorrow’s run will also be dedicated to the children trapped in the human trafficking sex trade. This past week after watching The Abolitionists we challenged everyone there to run this week in honor of these children. We have a goal of running two million miles for these children.

Why two million?

Because, there are approximately two million children worldwide stuck in the sex trade industry. TWO MILLION! It’s a heartbreaking reality. And, something we intend to fix. The more we run and get our message out with RACE the more revenue will be directed towards organizations like Operation Underground Railroad who go in and rescue these kids.

Our goal is to rescue those two million and we’ll do one mile at a time. That’s why I am dedicating my 13.1 miles tomorrow to these children. We can’t be silent about it any longer.

Well, on that note — I’m peacing out. Thanks so much for everyone who supported RACE and the movie this past week. I hope you get your miles in and think about what we’re doing for these kids. And, if you want to add to our goal of two million miles for the two million children sex slaves hashtag your runs with #run2m and #rescue2m. The more the merrier, right?

Happy running!


This episode of the Runcast strays a little bit from the normal thing we do. This is a music-filled podcast. From help of our listeners, my own playlist and Google search — I’ve picked a 10 song set interspersed with some dialogue.

We’ve been told a number of runners will actually download the Runcast to listen to while running. So, why not give some tunes as well? If we get a good reception — I hope to do some more in the future. I’m kinda searching out some 80’s, 90’s, angry chick and inspiring running songs for possible future episodes.

Let me know what you think … it’s really a mixture of genres and styles, including a little K-Pop! Yes, K-Pop! It’s really fun to run to actually.


I won’t lie — it’s kinda weird not updating my numbers on here. Why you ask? Well, it’s part of the Whole30 diet plan. It specifically states that you can’t step on the scale or take any body measurements. I like this. I’ve been a slave to the scale before — and while I haven’t weighed myself daily for quite a while, I’ve made it habit to jump on the scale on Friday (and sometimes on Mondays to see the damage from the weekend).ย 

But, I like this mentality — and not stepping on the scale for the next month will be good. This means I’ll have to measure my health in other ways — namely with how I feel, how my clothes are fitting and my endurance lasts during workouts and runs. A very healthy way, in my opinion.

So far — the diet is going good. Iย have noticed more energy. I had hunger pains the first day — but, I think that had more to do with the food I ate the day before (ice cream and a McGriddle — had to say my formal goodbyes). But, I am focusing on just downing water, eating every few hours and reading labels.ย 

There have a few things I’ve had to cut out that I THOUGHT were okay to have on the Whole 30 — namely my Postum. I have some herbal teas I can sip on throughout the day that would be a good substitute for me. I’m a major sipper — it used to be coffee, now it’s Postum — and some herbal teas. Not sure if I can stomach unsweetened herbal tea? But, I’m willing to try.

Anyways — this is a process for me. I am still excited about it. My sister is doing it along with me — and my Mom will probably be joining us next week (she couldn’t commit until after my Dad was out of the hospital). So, it’s a good support of people — I need that. I want that.

I am a little nervous about fueling at the Ogden Half tomorrow — I will have my sweet potatoes and bananas in tow. I am just wondering whether or not I want to carry a backpack stocked with them or just carry enough for a pre-race meal? If you are an expert at fueling during long runs while on Whole30 — PLEASE — comment below. I’d love your advice and opinion.

Anyways — I’m on day three today — 27 more to go!


Welp, my Dad’s surgery was this past Tuesday — and everything that needed to go well … went well. Thankfully. Initially, he was only supposed to be there until today. And, well, I guess technically he will be. But, instead of coming home he’s going to spend a two-week vacation at the Rehab Center.

Nothing is wrong, the doctors just want to be cautious about administering his medication, etc., especially since it was a staph infection that got him there in the first place. Smart move.

His release date from the Rehab Center is slated for June 3rd, so roughly two weeks before Free’s wedding. Luckily, it won’t be any longer — at least we hope so.

I’ve said this before and I’ll continue saying it — thank you so much for all the prayers, thoughts and concern for my Dad. This has been a tough couple of years. Especially the past 5-6 months. We’re hopeful this is the last surgery — and we’re optimistic that it will be.

But, seriously, thank you for the prayers. They really do mean a lot.


I don’t believe in coincidences. I’ve seen and experienced too much to believe otherwise. This is Maureen. She was the winner of our Ragnar Relay giveaway for RACE. The drawing was random using mathematical equation and sequences way beyond my comprehension. It was random. But, it wasn’t. Because she is a survivor of child exploitation. A story she shared with us tonight at the movie. Maureen is such a dear lady. I couldn’t think of a better representative of RACE to send to Ragnar. She’s strong. She’s a fighter. She’s simply awesome. So glad I could finally meet her in person! Join us in the race to stop child sex trafficking with @race2erase, @theabolitionistsmovie and organizations like @ourrescue. #rescue2m #race2erase #run2m

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I’m NOSE DEEP into this book written by Tim Ballard, founder of @ourrescue! #ilovereading #theamericancovenant #onenationundergod

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I just discovered this song over on Spotify this past week — and, I won’t lie — it’s kinda become a favorite of mine. Seriously. It’s got a great beat, message and I love the vocals of the run. I might even make it my new theme song?

Anyways — the music video is just as awesome and addictive. I know you’ll love it as much as I did, check it out …