#FitnessFriday: Instagramming my 180 races and my habitual streakin’

I have love/hate relationships with four-day work weeks. As much as I love holidays — whenever it lands on a Monday, it just delays Monday a day. There’s no reprieve from Monday when you “skip” it. That’s why I call four-day work Tuesdays — Monuesday. So much panic that can easily ruin any good Taco Tuesday.

But, it’s been a week. Started my run streak on June 1st — which was also National Running Day. Apparently, people are also calling it Global Running Day? But, I’m sticking with National — mainly because I think it’s something that the New York Road Runners are trying to capitalize on. But, whatever — it’s basically the best running holiday next to Thanksgiving.

It’s been a great week though, luckily Monuesday didn’t kill me. Or the lack of tacos (thanks Whole 30). My Dad is getting home from the rehab center today — which is great news. He was in there for two weeks after his surgery in May. Everything is working well, he’s reacting well to PT and he’s eager and happy to be coming home.

No big running plans for the weekend. No race. Planning on a five miler tomorrow around home. Nothing big. Just enough to keep my fitness going and running streak alive. But, most of the time will be spent getting ready for my brother’s wedding and as well as some pretty cool projects I’m working on that I’ll unveil shortly.

Trust me, they’re cool.



AMAZING! There’s a new podcast from Addict II Athlete out today. The Runcast swapped weeks with AIIA due to some technical difficulties. But, we’ll be back next week with special guest and Pod Bash resident psychiatrist — Dr. Matt!

But, don’t overlook this episode it’s powerful. Coach Blu interviews his brother-in-law and fellow AIIAer, Jarom Thurston. They talk about his involvement with AIIA and the inspiring stories behind the athletes. Great, great episode!

Give it a listen …

@joshruns180 on Instagram

A few months ago I designated one of my Instagram accounts as an account where I wanted to dedicate one post to each of my 180 races. I tried starting it, but then I was making it more difficult than it needed to be. So I scratched that and sat on it for a while.

Well, I decided this past week to get going on it. I’ve ran 120 races thus far, so that’s 120 posts to make and write. Not an easy task. But, luckily, I have an obsessive personality so I just focused on doing it during my spare time. Meaning — while on the bus, while at lunch, while laying in bed, while … well, okay, you get the point.

Anyways — I’ve caught up to my 120 races — finally! I looked for a picture from the race that hopefully captures the race and memory. And, then I give a brief, brief memory or synopsis of the race. Some races have more to talk about than others. Which is fine.

But, it’s fun to have all of the races in one place, especially on Instagram. It helps categorize my OCD need for organizational in tight uniform boxes.

You can follow the account here.

June Running Streak

I need a little motivation going into my ultra/marathon training and I thought the best way to do that was — A RUN STREAK! For those unfamiliar with a run streak, it’s basically a streak of consecutive days you run. I’ve tried it before, but stopped after getting the flu. But, I wanted to start one to get into a groove, aid me in losing more weight and just enjoy running in general.

I started a group on Facebook to document mine and others streaks — while offering support as well. I started June 1 and the plan is to run every day in June with a mile walk on Sundays (I don’t run on Sunday). I may go longer than 30 days, but we’ll see.

I am also documenting the streak on InstagramΒ here.


I am on Day 17 of the Whole 30 — less thanΒ two more weeks left! Honestly, it hasn’t been that difficult. The key has been reading ALL my labels, cooking everything myself and just going with the flow. I know I make that sound so easy. And, there’s obviously more to it than that — but, it is pretty easy to do.

The biggest take aways for me has been cutting any and all additional sugars. It’s amazing how much of our food has added sugar in it. It’s everywhere. Everywhere.Β 

So, I’ve been eating a lot of bananas (that hasn’t changed), apples, grapes and berries along with veggies like green peppers, mushrooms, green beans — and salad. Lots of salad. Which I am not complaining about (my mother would be so proud).Β 

But, I do feel a difference with my energy — I know my metabolism is reacting positively to it. Which is a GREAT sign after two years of ups and downs. I also feel lighter. I’ve been so tempted to step on the scale, but I won’t until my 30 days are done.

But, in my limited carnie skills — I’d estimate that I am about 10-15lbs. lighter. But, then again — that’s just how I feel. Could be more, could be less. And, it shouldn’t matter. The way my body feels and the healthier I eat the weight that needs to come off, will come off.

I am more likely going to do another 30 days after I am done. My sister was going to join me this round, but life happened and couldn’t. So I told her after our brother’s wedding that I’d join her. Even if she doesn’t do it, I am going to continue to follow it. I might go back to my Isagenix shakes, but I want to continue down this road because of how good I feel and how it’s impacting my thyroid and metabolism.