#FitnessFriday: Losing weight, feeling great & in a good place … PLUS … Bart Yasso, Big Cottonwood and WEDDINGS (but, not my own)

Excuse the long title — but, sometimes, I can’t help myself. So much to cram into one title — you know? I still haven’t stepped on a scale (next week after my 30 days is up I can), but I know I am losing weight. Mainly because of how I feel and look. I’ve gotten a few comments from people asking if I am losing weight. So that’s a good sign.

Plus, June is in full swing and tomorrow I am running one of my favorite races in Drop 13 down Big Cottonwood. I’ve probably talked about the race to exhaustion. But, that’s okay — I love it — a lot. Then next Friday and Thursday is Ragnar — another favorite.

But, between all of that my little brother is getting married next Thursday — so lots and lots going on in the next couple of weeks. I am also his best man — so I’ve got his Bachelor Party tomorrow night as well. It’s going to be a busy day with races and parties.

Anyways — lots of fun stuff going on. Plus, I’m in my last week of Whole30 — I’m eager to step on that scale and see what kind of progress I’ve made. And, not to mention the episode of Addict II Athlete (AIIA) featuring Bart Yasso is out today. But, I’ll cover all of that below.

I hope you have an awesome Friday and even better weekend of running. Whether you’re running Drop 13, Utah Valley or around your neighborhood — HAPPY RUNNING!


This is a treat. This past weekend Coach Blu and I had the opportunity to interview the Mayor Running — himself — the legendary Bart Yasso. Well, okay, I didn’t really interview Bart, it was all Coach. But, I did get to share a little bit about my own journey — which was pretty cool.

It’s not every day you get the opportunity to have Bart Yasso in town or on your podcast and I am glad that AIIA was able to get him on their show, because his journey is very much the same journey as many of the athletes in the program.

I am not going to give the story away — because I want you to listen to the episode. And, even if you have heard his story or read his book before, it’s still a great episode. One of the best AIIA episodes to date.

Give it a listen …

121 - drop 13.fw

I have probably talked up Drop 13 to death by now — and that’s okay — this is my blog. And, if you’re reading this you’re obviously still reading along — so I haven’t completely lost you.

But, I am really, really, really, really excited to be running down Big Cottonwood Canyon tomorrow. I ran 10.1 miles down the canyon last week — partly in preparation for this week — but also because I really, really, really love the canyon.

I have prioritized my goals for tomorrow — and they’re fairly simple. They are —

  1. Give my full effort.
  2. Finish between 2:35-2:45.
  3. Have fun.

My third goal sounds kinda phony — but, if I am not having fun running or chasing my goal then what’s the point of running? Seriously? I run because I love it and it’s fun for me.

But, with the way I have been feeling the past couple of weeks while on Whole30 along with my training, I feel good about flying down the canyon, especially in that 10 minute range. I don’t feel like it’s a stretch, but it will take some effort.

Eventually, I’d like to run a couple sub-2:30 half marathons before going for a sub-2:20 at Nebo. I feel confident about that especially as I continue improving my health and fitness. Odds are I am going to go beyond the 30 days of my Whole30. It’s not that hard — and I love munching on fruits and veggies anyways.

Anyways — while I am looking forward I am focusing on the task at hand, I want to do well while continuing to build my stamina while getting leaner.

But — really — it’s all about BIG COTTONWOOD OR BUST, BABY!


This is my second time running the Drop 13 Half Marathon. Last year I made it a priority to run it because I love the course and canyon (I think I’ve explained that to exhaustion). But, since it’s the same day as the Utah Valley Marathon it’s been hard to choose between the two the years before.

But, last year the course held my year’s best time of 2:37:11 as evidence in my Instagram post from @joshruns180.


It kills me not knowing exactly what my progress is with Whole30. KILLS. ME. All I know is how I feel and look has changed — for the better. I have more energy, less sugar cravings (almost none) and I feel lighter.

Not only that, but I’ve gotten a few comments from family members and co-workers about my weight-loss. That’s a good indication that there’s actual progress being made.

I hate guessing how much I’ve probably lost — because I don’t want to set myself up for disappointment when I hop on the scale. But, I’d probably put it somewhere between 15-20 pounds? So, calculations should put me probably somewhere around 263-258lbs–ish?

Again, I hate putting a number to it.

But, as I have mentioned before I am planning on doing another round after I finish my first 30 days next Thursday. I am going to fuel and eat as clean as I can during Ragnar, but I am not going to worry too much about it since I’ll be starting it with my sister the following Monday.

I just need to exhibit enough willpower to not just splurge. So, I’ll be packing plenty of bananas, grapes and apples with me — not to mention almonds and raisins. But, I am not going to worry too much about places like Subway where I can control my fats and dairy on the sandwich. 

Anyways — I love feeling a difference being made after the past couple of years of yo-yoing with my thyroid. I go in a couple of weeks to get things checked out again. So, I’d love to see what the doctor has to say about what’s going on within my body.


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I made this a couple of years ago — and periodically I rediscover it. It still makes me laugh quite heartedly. Oh for the love of Cookie Butter … give it a watch …

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