#FitnessFriday: Running Down Canyons …

This has been a crazy past week. Well, okay, not necessarily crazy — but, a little bit frustrating. Mainly because of this stupid cold. It’s just killed any rhythm and pace I was having going forward post-Whole30.

But, it’s probably been good recalibrating and resting a bit. My body will definitely need it as I move into September and get ready to run three marathons this upcoming month. So it might very well be a blessing in disguise?

Either way, I am not sure what it has done with my goal of doing a sub-2:30 at the Run Elevated Half tomorrow? I haven’t gotten the runs in that I wanted and I am not sure what that will do with my performance — but, I am still going to go hard at my goal.

You can read more about that below.

But, it’s been a fun couple of weeks with my birthday and a couple other family birthdays. As crappy as I was feeling, this is one of my favorite weeks of the year because of the birthdays — and I love late summer days. Especially when the weather starts turning into the autumn. Fall is my favorite season.

I am really looking forward to next week. I am taking Thursday and Friday off from work — mainly for a family reunion in Idaho, but I’ll also be going to the SUU-Utah football game here in Salt Lake. This is quite the conundrum, because I am a diehard Ute fan, but SUU and the T-Birds have my heart. It’ll just be exciting to see my T-Birds play up here at the U.

The only downside of next weekend — is that I had to sell my Nebo Half bib because of the reunion. I’m sad, because it’s my favorite race. But, honestly, I’d rather spend the weekend with family — they’re a higher priority to me. But, believe you me — next year there better not be a family reunion over Nebo Half weekend.

Luckily, I’ll still get my second favorite race in — the Revel Big Cottonwood Marathon — the following week. I am sweeping that course with my friend Chanda and I have a couple of friends coming out from New Hampshire to run the race as well. That’s going to be a party and a half. They’re running the half marathon with Jill and Tim, so I am fully expecting them to meet me at the 7 Eleven at the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon with Slurpees in hand for me!


Just don’t break out the pumpkin spice quite yet.

129 - Run Elevated Half Marathon

I won’t lie, I am slightly disappointed about how the past week of running has gone for me. I just don’t feel confident enough to hit my sub-2:30 time goal tomorrow. The past week, week and a half have kind of been a wash with my stupid cold. I didn’t get the kind of runs in that I wanted to — and I’m not sure where that’s going to put me tomorrow?

Is that an excuse? No. I’m still aiming and preparing to run at a 11:22 pace to hit that goal. I just know it will be much harder mentally and physically than I expected. Which is fine. That’s a good challenge. And, I’ll give it my all. I do have the advantage of running this race numerous times — so I know where to push or pull back more.

The goal is still 2:29, but if that’s not the case I will be happy with anything below a 2:39. I really don’t want to have anything slower or I will truly feel disappointed. Plus, I want to wear out my legs for my last 7 miles since this race is part of my 20 miler. I really want to simulate late ultra mile fatigue during those last 7 miles. So I have to push it no matter what.



My friend Meridith aka “THE DITH” agreed to pick up my race packet for tomorrow’s race, so I gladly wrote her a note allowing her to pick up the packet. I am so grateful for friends like “THE DITH” …

dith sm_001



At least I didn’t crash, right? #gokartingfool

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Clearly, we go ALL OUT for birthdays around here. #freedomhasabirthday

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No, his name is not Carlos. #boondockers

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I’m not a fisherman, but we’re BFFs this weekend … #imdying #notsocommoncold

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The past week and a half really has felt like somewhat of a wash for me. Last Wednesday I started coming down with a cold that lingered for about the past 10 days or so. Not fun. Not fun at all.

That’s kind of prevented me from getting into a rhythm, which has been frustrating. I ran 14 miles last weekend — but — honestly they were slower than I wanted miles and I probably should have rested. But, I’ve rebounded fairly well. Thanks a lot to my diet. Usually when I get colds like this it turns into bronchitis with a lingering cough — no cough this go around.


But, I am still not 100% — probably somewhere around 85%? I am a bit fatigued more than usual and am restless at night, which doesn’t help. But, I know I am more than around the corner to being where I want to be for my marathons next month. And, that I am thankful for.

This past week I also started my weight training class at the U. It’s just a continuing ed class I’m taking every Monday and Wednesday after work. The past month or so I’ve REALLY felt the need to get more weight training into my workout regime. I’ve been doing circuit training at home with lighter weights and that hasn’t really helped my flabby chicken wings tone up.

I am excited to see the progress over the semester. Not to mention how it helps my running. My legs are DYING since Wednesday’s workout and I love/hate that feeling. It’s a great reminder that my legs are getting sexier. So, how can you complain about that?

Anyways — I am excited to start this new regime and get back into a rhythm. Screw this stupid cold!

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