Friday Fartlek XIV

FartlekFriday_BannerWhat a whirlwind type of week. I’ve had something each night so I was kind of forced into running exclusively in the morning. Which really isn’t that bad. But, getting up at 4:45-5:30am the past week has been somewhat draining. And, I’ll be up early again tomorrow for my RA group’s run from the LDS Draper Temple to the LDS Oquirrh Mountain Temple. It’ll be a nice little 13.5 mile run. I am totally excited, it’s going to be fun.

10149951_10201559202972789_1957381203_nWell, it’s always fun to run with my running group. Never a dull moment.

But, another reason I am looking forward to this weekend is that it’s LDS General Conference. I love the conference talks and everything that comes with that, but I won’t lie DVR and the internet has now given me the luxury to catch up on much needed sleep on the weekend. I’m sure this wasn’t what the LDS Church leadership first thought of with the advent of this technology, but I will be eternally grateful for it.

Now that April is here I’m looking over my calendar and it’s going to be a BUSY month. Fun. But, extremely busy. Besides running this weekend, 20 miles on10169117_10201561939481200_679543742_n the 12th, the Salt Lake Half Marathon on the 19th and another 20 miles on the 26th, I still have my weekly miles to do, workouts at Firehouse Fitness and, well, somewhat of a social life.

But, I’ve got a family reunion next week, the Salt Lake Comic Con FanX the week after that and then my Dad’s second knee surgery is the following week. Oh, and then there’s Easter somewhere in between I think? I really shouldn’t complain, because it will be a lot of time spent with my family, but before you know it May will be here and I’ll be wondering where April went.

10150067_10201561935401098_2044561270_nAll in all though, I really am excited for this month. I’m excited to run my 20 milers, the Salt Lake Half and work at the FanX. I’ll be running a few ghost hunts with my brother and some other celebrities. It’s going to be fun. If you didn’t know that I do ghosthunting it’s kind of one of those family secrets I don’t talk about much, but don’t hold back about it either. I really like it and find it fascinating on so many levels. Someday I should go more into the why, but for now … I’ll leave it as I’M EXCITED!

I am still looking at races to do during the year. I’m focusing on finalizing my July-September races now. I’m planning on running a lot in July and I am still10154673_10201562582137266_1977805520_n debating on whether or not I want to run the Mt. Nebo Half on September 6th. It’s the same weekend as Comic Con so I am not sure if I’ll be able to run … but … the closer it gets to September (granted we’re still 5 months away) I want to run. Those glorious downhill runs are hard to pass up. So hard to pass up. But, we shall see. I’m still taking suggestions, maybe even for some out of state races (especially close to Disneyland … wink, wink).

Anyways … there has been more to my week than just my busy schedule. Here are a few other things that caught my fancy.

  • This past week I’ve eaten five burritos and lost 5lbs. as well. I am obviously doing something right?!
  • Part of the reason is that I have adopted vegetarianism again and load them with AWESOMENESS, but also because of my Zeal drinks that I started taking three weeks ago. In all I’ve lost over 10lbs. and I’ll share my story early next week. But, I love the Zeal products and it’s changed my life and habits. Stay tuned …
  • On Tuesday I documented my day with #100selfies on my Instagram account. I won’t go too much into it, because you can view them all online. But, I will say … there aren’t enough selfies to take at work between 8 to 5. Some were a stretch. But, it was a fun experience. Will I do it again in the future? No. I’m not a 16 year old girl.
  • But as documented in my selfies, I do have the bladder of a 4 year old girl.
  • It’s comments like above that make my Mom tell me, “you’re never going to get married if you keep talking about your bladder on your blog.”
  • She might be right.
  • But, I hope she isn’t right.
  • I love my Mom.
  • While we’re still on the topic of selfies here’s this one.
  • I finally met Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter. The only thing I have to say is that my life is pretty much changed. Forever.
  • Yesterday was the 200th anniversary of my Grandpa Lorenzo Snow’s birth. If you are unfamiliar with him he was involved in the early Mormon Church and eventually became prophet at the turn of the 19th century. I am a Great Grandson of him and my middle name is Snow in his honor. It has absolutely no relation to the weather.
  • I really hate snow (if you haven’t been able to tell).
  • This pretty much wins the internet for the week. I’m still laughing quite hilariously from it. You HAVE to check it out.
  • Yeah Canada.
  • Elk are in Canada, right? Anyways, this is neat. Sad and neat at the same time.
  • NARWHALS!!!!
  • I need a three legged dog.
  • This really makes me laugh and cringe at the same time. So gross. After that I’d just buy an iPhone.
  • I hate this list. Not only is Pirates of the Caribbean ranked too low, but Expedition Everest didn’t even make the list. Shame on whoever made this list.Expedition Everest is the BEST Disney World ride. Period.
  • This makes me happy.
  • This is a cool little baseball thing I found the other day.
  • By the way … GO GIANTS!
  • This is hilarious.
  • This man eat bricks.
  • Some of these recipes look really good, especially for food with only three ingredients.
  • Interesting.
  • So I saw this quiz on BuzzFeed, but I am too afraid to take it. I don’t want to know the result.
  • I think I already know the result to this quiz.
  • I need to make sure these holidays are my calendar this month.

Well I think that is about it for me. I have a great weekend to look forward to with lots of conference and lots of running. I hope your weekend is just as good! Be safe and as always … HAPPY RUNNING!!!


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