Frigid 5K, Polar Plunge & other things I did in the snow …

First off, the title I wrote kinda sounds dirty, no? I did nothing else in the snow this weekend other than run and walk in it. Oh, wait, I did shovel. But, that shouldn’t count.

But, I had an awesomely short weekend (the short ones are always the fun ones right?) — I had my second race of the year — the Frigid 5K — in Provo. I ran alongside Tim the whole way. Of course having fun — followed by the Penguin Plunge into Utah Lake.

This was my first polar bear or penguin plunge (or whatever you want to call it — narwhal plunge? Beluga plunge? [ENTER ARCTIC ANIMAL HERE] plunge) — and for someone who hates the snow and cold — um, it wasn’t AS bad as I thought it would/could be. Here’s proof …

Josh becomes a penguin …

I guess I'm officially a polar bear or something like that?! Oh, and I'm now craving Rolos.

Posted by Joshua O. Snow Hansen on Saturday, January 30, 2016

It wasn’t something I’d really want to do again, but I guess I can that item now onto my bucket list with an immediate check. On the other hand Tim plunged himself ten times into the lake. He’s kind of crazy — and I won’t lie — I was a bit worried for him. Not because of the cold — but the fact he was jumping into UTAH LAKE ten times. I’m pretty sure the fish in Utah Lake have like three eyes and glow in the dark?!

But, he did it! The cold really doesn’t bother him much — and more often than not you can find him running around in the snow just in his kilt — barefoot. Crazy, crazy, crazy. I’m just coming down with a cold thinking about doing that.

The race itself was pretty fun. I didn’t know what to expect time wise, because if it was snowy or icy — I wasn’t going to push it that hard. The last thing I need is to injure myself. But, the Runtastic team did a great job clearing any ice or snow — and Mother Nature waited until the race was over to snow. So it worked out.

I finished just under 40 minutes — which is what I wanted. Nothing close to my PR of 30:25, but having been doing my Galloway Training and strength training — I could feel a difference. I am running the Sweethearts 5K here in Bountiful in a couple weeks and I want to build on that time.

Consistency will be the key.

Anyways, after the race Jorge, Tim and I recorded an episode of the Runcast down in Provo. Words can’t express how awesome of an episode it was — we were joined by Blu Robinson, Heath Thurston and Jed Jensen of Addict II Athlete. It was a powerful hour long interview about the mission and power of Addict II Athlete. You’ll have to check out the episode this Friday, my words can’t do it justice.

Besides all of the fun running and podcast adventures — I also had a lot of great time with my family, specifically nieces and nephew. My sister is getting ready to pop any day now with my new nephew and on Saturday when she went to the hospital (to get checked out on a broken foot — sad story) I got to watch Callie.

Needless to say — it was A LOT of fun! We played store and she let me buy back a lot of my own stuff (smart girl), baked cookies and ate “roni” (macaroni and cheese). Callie’s sweet and fun personality really does kind of make me “baby hungry” — and I know one day I’ll get that chance. I am just glad that in the meanwhile she and my other niece and nephew are close enough that I can spoil them like my own.

My Dad is continuing to improve. He should be released from the rehab center at the end of the month. He’ll get a couple days at home before his next surgery to put in the permanent knee. He’ll have another month or two long stay in the rehab center again — but, he’s improving — and there in lies the blessing.

It’s been tough for him to miss a lot of family moments, but he’s only a couple miles away so we’re able to visit him a lot — grandkids and all.

Anyways, I’m looking forward to this week. I am focusing more on my thyroid/testosterone fitness plan this week — especially the diet part. The focus is the diet, plus cutting out more sugar in the diet. If I am going to get control of the thyroid — I really need to cut down the inflammation which sugar is the main agitator.

And, I am not just talking about snacky sugary foods, but normal everyday foods — it’s amazing what foods are loaded with sugar. It’s rather shocking. Anyways — I’ll blog about all of that later this week.

But, have a great week! And, as always — HAPPY RUNNING!


I regret every bad decision I’ve made in my life! #polarplunge #frigid5k #running

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Two things … 1) I can’t feel my feet and 2) My feet are ugly. #runnersfeet

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I love this kid. Had a fun time watching her and she had a more fun time baking cookies with me. #favoriteuncle #cutekid

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Miss Sweet Cheeks and her Valentines card she made for Papou. #prouduncle #sweetniece

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This is what my niece puts in her love letters to me … #prouduncle #theforceisstrongwiththisone

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This just happened. I call it — a DIY toupee. I better put this up on Pinterest quick. #shavingmyhead

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18.35 miles


19.3 miles


127.97 miles


165.62 miles





The first episode of Are We Prepared, Yet? aired on Friday. Basically, it’s a preparedness — prepper — podcast. But, not your typical preparedness podcast. We do take our content seriously, but present it more in a — morning show style — if you’d call it that.

If you’re interested in following us you can do so on FacebookInstagram and over on the Twitter. We also will have a page over on and we’ll be on iTunes. Sooooooooo … make sure to subscribe.

Anyways — expect an episode bi-weekly. It’ll be a lot of fun!



As I had mentioned above — there is a new Runcast coming out this Friday — and it’s an AWESOME one. Jorge, Tim and I are talking with Addicts II Athletes. I won’t give much away, but it’s a very powerful episode that you won’t want to miss.

Come back here for a link to the episode on Friday.

Daily Shorts.fw

  • One of the many reasons why I love turtles — just watch.
  • This Bradley Cooper-look-a-like who paraded around Sundance up here in Park City this past week is pretty much a deadpan — not to mention hilarious. Consider myself amused.
  • I love stories like this — especially about the Boston Bombing victims.
  • People have absolutely no chill, especially when people are over the board PC these days — you’ve got to admit — White Pride Fitness Center — isn’t the most PC name and an overlooked snafu. But, you’ve got to laugh.
  • The Super Bowl is this weekend — aaaaaaaaaaaaand — I don’t care. But, I’ll still watch. And, I’ll probably cheer for the Panthers since I can’t stand Peyton Manning. But, really, I don’t care who wins, as long as Peyton Manning doesn’t win.
  • Hmpf — February 5th is “National Work Naked Day” — consider myself celebrating that one. Here are a few other holidays you can celebrate in February. February 13th is “Get a New Name Day” — maybe once and for all I’ll change my name to Josher McGuire. It’s so, so action hero-esque, no?
  • These Tim Burton versions of Disney classics are actually pretty funny — and probably spot on.
  • This is pretty interesting — I’ve always felt MOST movies give away too much of the movie in their trailers, especially movies that don’t offer much in originality.
  • Okay, I need one of these jobs — it’d definitely make Mondays bearable, right?


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