Fun Monday Madness

What a great experience being interviewed by Heather Robertson from Half Size Me!

There are two things I love more than anything (well almost anything) … that’s sharing my story and getting things in the mail. And, well, Monday provided me with both! How lucky am I, right?

How do you like my new stylist bracelet? Fancy, eh? Don’t leave home without one.

Last week I ordered a Road ID bracelet and a couple t-shirts that were on sale. I’ve had a Road ID bracelet before, but the information is now a tad out of date so I decided to get another one. Totally worth the money, especially when you are out running a lot. You never know if you will need it.

The t-shirts are quite simple and awesome. The perfect shirt for a runner. I got a charcoal gray shirt that says “twentysix.two” and a heather blue one that says “” They are already my favorite shirts. I can’t wait to go running in them.

My two new running shirts. I’m excited to get running in these!

But, the best part of the day was being interviewed by Heather Robertson from the Half Size Me podcast. I shared a bit about my weight-loss and running journey. How I mentally prepared and went through my journey. It was a really neat experience.

I’m grateful that the podcast will be edited, because we had a couple disruptions with my niece coming into my quarantined room and then our dog started barking at the door. Perfect!

But, Heather was wonderful and very personable. The interview flowed beautifully and it was awesome being able to share my story on a big stage. I am not sure when my interview will air, but I will share it when it goes live.

What a great kickoff to a fun, busy week. Now on to Salt Lake Comic Con’s FanX and the Salt Lake Half Marathon! BRING IT ON!


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