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manly615Yesterday I kinda bemoaned the situation of my health recently, with everything going on emotionally, physically and spiritually. It’s been an up and down road the past few weeks, month and year. But, my focus for 2015 has been balance and I am getting myself there.

I am a strong believer that you can’t be a healthy individual if you are not balanced in at least those three areas. You can be as physically fit as ever, but if you aren’t emotionally or spiritually balanced it’s skews everything. It makes loooong term success much less likely.

One of the biggest issues this past year has been my testosterone and thyroid. One or the other have been out of whack and have adversely affected my health. It’s been rather frustrating to say the least. Especially when you have running goals and your weight fluctuates worse than the stock market (though I wish it was also low like the stock market … BAZING!).

Anyways, I’ve ended up going to an endocrinologistInstead of telling what an endocrinologist is, I just linked it to a related Wikipedia page. There’s a reason why I am not in the medical field. I was horrible at playing Operation as kid, so I’ve known this for a while.

But, he ran some tests last week, which I was actually expecting back at the end of this week … BUT … they got back this morning actually! YEAH!

Basically, this is what the finding showed …

  • My thyroid levels were low.
  • My testosterone levels were barely below average.
  • My cortisol levels however were fairly low.
  • I don’t have cancer.
  • And, I am not pregnant (phew!)

So, my doctor switched a few things up and consulted me on how I can naturally reverse some of the symptoms and improve my health.

  • He switched me back to Levothyroxine for my thyroid medication. I have been on Armour for the past two+ years. He thinks might be the reason of the dramatic changes within the past year or so. Sound reasoning.
  • He gave me a few foods I should avoid and add to my diet to help level out my testosterone and cortisol levels.
  • I also discussed with him the book I am reading from Mark Hyman called, “Ultra-Metabolism” and he had no problems with his suggestions and practice. He just warned me NOT to take myself off of the Levothyroxine. Which I won’t, I’m kinda stuck with thyroid meds the rest of my life.
  • He ordered another blood panel to check the cortisol and other levels for next month and then set up a follow up appointment in June.

This is good news for me, actually it’s RELIEVING news because now I get a better idea of the why and hows of what I am dealing with. It’s been frustrating and draining having my body out of whack like it has been.

So, the focus for me this upcoming week is just simply focusing on my food and implementing and eliminating what needs to be on my plate. The great thing is that it’s fairly simple. The focus is whole foods and avoid processed foods as much as possible. There are a few things I should lower my consumption of and one is that of eggs.

Go figure?

And, considering that I eat at least two a day, I wonder how big of an impact that will make? But, the focus is whole foods, grams of protein and nurturing my body the way it needs to be nurtured. The Mark Hyman book gives a lot of help in this area and regard. Once I am done reading it and marking it up I am sure I’ll do a book report of some sorts here on the bloggy blog.

As far as the physical fitness goes, the plan in pretty simple. Right now it’s just losing the weight I want to be at physically for racing season and then going from there to build myself up to a sub-two half marathon.

Right now I am focusing on consistency of my workouts and diversifying them as well. I am going to lower my weekly mileage some, but I am replacing that with Hip Hop Abs, weight lifting and some swimming eventually.

The diversity of my workout should help, and will, to lose that quicker than just doing running. Plus, I really do need to strengthen my core which will help me as a runner anyways. Additionally, I need some arm work too.

Total body workout really.

Anyways, to help myself in that regard I actually stopped my Planet Fitness Membership and joined the new Student Life Center on the University of Utah campus. Since I am an employee I get a discount and I can workout, swim or run before or after work much easier than before or after work at PF.

PLUS … my brother is a U of U student and wants to workout as well, so now we can spot each other. It works out perfectly. Especially since I can just shower at the gym before work.

Now that I know what I am dealing with and what I can do to change course I am feeling a bit more enthusiastic and calm about the future and getting to where I want to be.

It all goes back to my 2015 theme of … FOCUS!



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