Give me Liberty Park or give me death!

My running harem at Liberty Park. If we were running in Bluffdale it’d probably just be assumed they were all running sister-wives.

This morning some of my RA (Runners Anonymous) friends and I went to Liberty Park here in Salt Lake City for a training fun run. Liberty Park is one of my favorite places to run in the area. It’s a nice flat loop that is 1.45-ish miles long. It’s the perfect loop course for long runs because it mentally it doesn’t feel that long, especially when you are running with friends.

I should teach a class about projecting the best (and most polite) snot rockets. It's a science. Snot rocket science.
I should teach a class about projecting the best (and most polite) snot rockets. It’s a science. Snot rocket science.

The goal was to run 10 miles today in preparation for my 30K in April and general half marathon conditioning. We initially were anticipating snow so we tentatively planned on running at the Utah Olympic Oval in Kearns, but it wasn’t open so we starting planning on another location. After another check of the weather it was decided to run at Liberty Park because there was only suppose to be rain this morning.

Needless to say, it was the right decision.

The plan was to check the weather at 6:30am to assess whether or not we’d run outside. If it was snowy, we would just stay home and run either around our neighborhoods or the treadmill. If no snow, Liberty Park. The conditions were awesome. At 6:30am it was already 43 degrees and cloudy. There was a threat of rain, but nothing yet. Perfect. So the plan was on.

I met up with Becca, Katheryn, Christy and the Gabicas there. Becca and Katheryn already ran a lap by the time I got there, which wasn’t that bad. They ended up running my last lap with me anyways. But, about midway-ish into the run the Gabicas joined as with Addison in tow. We all had a great time. The pace was a bit slow for a long training run for me. I clocked it at a12:38 pace, but I think I forgot to stop it a couple times when I stopped for water and food? So I am sure I wasn’t that slow. I swear I can outrun molasses.

Doing a little stretchy, stretchy … in style of course!

Some highlights of the run had to be yelling at Becca’s hip, running around a tree for 0.1 miles to round my mileage to 10 miles and seeing a three-legged dog. If I had any regrets about my run today it was the simple fact that I didn’t get a picture with the three-legged dog. I just felt weird going up to the owner and asking for a picture. But, as it was pointed out to me by Katheryn, I blogged 180 things about me yesterday that some could be looked at as stranger than asking for a picture with a dog.

Now my life is just full of regrets.

But, I just have to say it was a glorious three-legged Greyhound dog. I would have named it Miles and made it my running dog. I’m sure the lack of it’s front left leg would have made it the same pace that currently am at.

Sigh. I digress.

Behold, glorious French Toast from Corner Bakery.
Behold, glorious French Toast from Corner Bakery.

It was really a great morning spent with friends. Even after the run we couldn’t get enough of each other and dragged our stinky bodies over to the Corner Bakery for breakfast (I have to say, going out in public right after a run is a great way of telling how much you stink after running … just sayin’). I ended up having French Toast and some eggs. It was glorious. But, anything right after a long run is glorious. And, besides it isn’t really until 2-3 hours after that, that your body turns into a ravenous munchy machine hungry for anything within reach of your wingspan. That’s the one part of running that I have a love/hate relationship. But, that’s another blog post for another day.

Next week we are planning a 12 mile run down Emigration Canyon here in Salt Lake City. I am really excited about that. One, more running friends. But, two … DOWNHILL! YEAH!



  1. What a fun morning! I’m still kicking myself for sleeping in till 9:45 am. I never do that! I guess that was my body’s way of saying “time to slow down chicka” I wish you had a video of that running round and round a tree! I understand totally your mentality though of getting in that exact mileage! When is your emmigration 12 miler? I want to join you for that!

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  3. I think the clouds and trees were affecting our Garmin pace numbers. Sometimes I’d be running 9:00 and sometimes 14:00, especially over there on the east side of the park. Good thing pace isn’t really the most important part of a long run when you’re sick! πŸ™‚

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