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So, my friend Becca has signed up to run the Ogden Marathon this upcoming May. Like most first-time marathoners she is extremely anxious, excited and determined to do. Her training begins this week and she keeps questioning whether or not she is ready for such a task. My response to any first time marathoner questioning if this is the right time, I would answer … OF COURSE IT IS THE RIGHT TIME! 

To help her in her journey I gave her a copy of a book that I read during my training for my first marathon called “A Return to Virtue” by Sister Elaine S. Dalton. It’s a book published by Deseret Book and shares advice Sister Dalton gives relating her experience training and running marathons to developing discipline and self-control in our lives. From the leaflet Sister Dalton shares the following —

“A Return to Virtue is an invitation and guide to running well the marathon that we call mortality. 

“Give it 100 percent and one day we will be hugging each other and celebrating victorious — at the finish line!”

This book really helped me through my marathon training. It’s really a great guide in how we can draw closer to the Lord and build lasting character. I recommend this book to anyone with an inkling desire to not just run a marathon, but to run in general.

NOW … I have a second copy of this book that I want to giveaway to YOU. To enter the giveaway do the following …

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  4. Comment on this blog post telling me what race has been your favorite or one that you want to run.
  5. Come back on Thursday morning to see if you won.

(NOTE: If you don’t do Facebook, Twitter or Instagram you can still enter, just let me know in your comment at Step 4).

Now if you can’t wait to see if you won, you can always buy a copy yourself here on Also make sure to return here on Tuesday morning for another giveaway you won’t want to miss. Especially if you live in the South Davis County area here in Utah.

Good luck! May the odds ever be in your favor …




  1. My favorite has easily been my hardest, Odgen Half 2013. Cold, wet, and the most mentally challenging thing I have done. All I could think in the bus ride up was , ill be ok as long as my feet dont get soaked! Amazingly enough I had never ran in the rain. So at mile two when I realized they were drenched I realized my fear had happened now what? I contine thats what I do! The rain was like needles on my skin. But I keep going. I have only ran one marathon , St George 2011 , I loved the experience but (some runners will understand) I didn’t run MY OWN race, so I plan to do another full within the next year and would LOVE to read this boom to prepare.
    Shannon G

  2. I have always wanted to read this book! I am looking forward to running the salt lake full this spring and would love this little companion! I follow you on all three social media’s!

  3. My favorite races have been The Nation’s Triathlon and Giant Acorn Triathlon (for tris) and the Walt Disney World Marathon (running). I hope to be able to run my first Half Iron Distance race this coming year (Crossing my fingers for St. George or Boise). I would love this book not only to help me with helping me to prepare my next big feat of Iron Man, but to help me through life, as I’ve had such a hard time coping since I moved from the east coast here to Utah. It’s been tough with only limited family around feeling quite isolated. Maybe this might be just the boost I need!

    ~Joycelyn T~

    Joycelyn Tross
  4. Thanks again for posting a nice big picture of my face!!!

    I shared this post on my wall and follow Running 180. Since I already have a copy (obviously), if I win, I’ll use this as a gift or giveaway!

  5. My favorite race, pure fun-wise, was the SLC 1/2 marathon in April 2009. I ran it with my wife, there were lots of people, fun crowds, a good finish line and just lots of energy. I would like to run it again if I can get out of my running rut!

  6. Looks like a good book, and I love me a good book! My favorite race has been the Snow Canyon Half Marathon. It gave me the confidence that I can run farther than a 5k and to gave me the courage to sign up for other events since then. This year I’m looking forward to the St. George Half (this Saturday), the St. George Ironman 70.3, and *hopefully* the St. George Marathon!

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