Go The Distance …


If you been stalking me over on Facebook as of late, you’ve probably seen me sharing a page and group called “Go The Distance …” This has been an idea or concept that’s been brewing around for the last couple of weeks. I am one of MANY runners that have had the privilege to run with with Reese and Elsha. If you have not had the opportunity to push Reese, Elsha or any other athletes I really recommend that you give it a chance. It’s changed my perspective and focus on running to say the least.

Reese, Jenni and I at the Haunted Half in Provo.

But, just in talking with Elsha, Reese and their parents the past few weeks I saw a need that both were looking for solutions to. There is a great local organization here in the state called Push To The Finish (PTTF) that has actually gotten national exposure. A really awesome organization that both Elsha and Reese are a part of and affords those that aren’t able to physically run to race. But, there focus is mainly running 5K and 10K races. Not, that there is anything wrong with that, but Elsha and Reese also race marathons and half marathons and without that structure like PTTF has at their races it’s been hard for them to sometimes connect with other runners, etc.

After listening and talking to their parents and while running with Elsha on Thursday night at Liberty Park we decided to start a non-competing organization with PTTF that focused on half marathons and marathons … and whatever other distances these athletes are crazy enough to attempt (I say this, because both Elsha and Reese has aspirations to become ultra marathoners). The name of the organization came really easily, because it captures what the purpose of what the team is about. The focus is on distance races, the focus is pushing ourselves to great distances and doing so together as a team.

Elsha and I at our first race together in June.

Anyone is welcome to join the team, as I like to call, a “pusher” and “puller.” The team helps manages race schedules and find pushers for our pullers. Unfortunately, we don’t and can’t provide free race entries or strollers for our athletes. I’d love to be in that position personally to assist in doing that, but we are in a position to play matchmaker and helping get our pullers a stroller and races that accommodate their needs.

If you would like to join us as a ‘pusher’ or ‘puller’ it’s simple. We have a Facebook group you can join where we will play matchmaker for our upcoming races. In addition to our group we also have a Facebook page that we set up that is meant for anyone and everyone, especially those that want to celebrate our athletes’ accomplishments and feats. Anyone is welcome and we encourage it be ‘LIKED’ and shared with others. We want our athletes to know how awesome they are!

So please join us! Pushers are always needed and we are always looking for more athletes to push!



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