Good decisions, bad decisions while running 15 miles down a canyon …

Some of my Runners Anonymous friends. Not so anonymous anymore I guess?

On Saturday morning my running group, Runner’s Anonymous, and I set out to run 17 miles down Little Cottonwood Canyon and then up Wasatch Blvd. to Millcreek Canyon here in the Salt Lake Valley. Once we met up and carpooled up the canyon I made the horrifying realization that I was GROSSLY underdressed and unprepared for this run. Like, a light jacket and running shorts kind of underdressed and unprepared.

It was horrible. HORRIBLE.

For some reason it didn’t register to me that even though there isn’t snow in the valley there isn’t any up the canyon. I mean, I guess it would help if I was actually a skier (I’ve never been, long story why … but basically, when you’re fat the last thing you want to do is support yourself on really thin and skinny pieces of wood) or ever wanted to visit a ski resort. Once we found a spot that wasn’t icy it cut our run by two miles. But, that didn’t change the fact that it was still extremely cold, windy and snowy. I started to dread this run, because I knew I made a decision on my choice of wardrobe.

Luckily, Katheryn lent me a beanie to keep my head and ears warm, since I was only wearing a bandana. Seriously, that saved my life. Like, I am fairly certain that if I didn’t have that beanie I would have died on the mountain … or least joined up with the Donner Dinner Party by mile 8. I really can’t tell why I was so grossly unprepared.

But, among all the bad decisions, I also make a few pretty good decisions. In fact I made this list of good and bad decisions I made during my training run …

BAD DECISION: Getting dressed this morning like I was running in a light breeze.


GOOD DECISION: Making friends with people that have extra beanies laying around.


BAD DECISION: Running down a canyon with a lot of snow and ice on the shoulder of the road.


GOOD DECISION: Running down a canyon with a great view!


BAD DECISION: Running in FREEZING weather with exposed knee caps (basically they are numb).


GOOD DECISION: Running in my Hoka OneOnes.


BAD DECISION: Making this face while taking a selfie (seriously, it makes me look constipated).


GOOD DECISION: Taking this selfie with Little Cottonwood Canyon.


BAD DECISION: Running down a canyon and then running up a three mile hill with hardly anything left in the tank.


GOOD DECISION: Sunbathing in warmth in those last three miles.


BAD DECISION: Listening to Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball while running.


GOOD DECISION: Listening to Miley Cyrus’ Party in the USA while running.


BAD DECISION: Posting this picture on my blog.


GOOD DECISION: Finishing my last 0.10 of a mile while walking in Dan’s.


BAD DECISION: Getting overly emotional about buying chocolate milk.


GOOD DECISION: Not caring what people think about my chocolate milk obsession.


BAD DECISION: Walking past the bakery.


GOOD DECISION: Walking past the orange juice.


BAD DECISION: Thinking this was going to be enough food to refuel after the run.


GOOD DECISION: Going to the Sears Taco Stand with Becky after the run. Best $3 burrito ever invented.


In all I made some pretty good and bad decisions during the run. But, really my best decision of it all was just simply waking up and getting out of bed … wanting to run. For that I can live with those bad decisions (except for maybe that whole Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball picture).



  1. HA! This post is freaking HILARIOUS. I love it. I was ridiculously underdressed as well, but I was grateful for it once we left the canyon. Then I was perfectly comfy.


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