Goodbye 2013, Hellooooo 2014

I have this strange relationship with New Years. I remember as a kid not understanding it. Why in the world would people stay up until midnight waiting to yell our love for the new year for five seconds tops, look at each other and then say, “well it’s getting late, we better get home” and then get in their car and leave. It happened to my parent’s friends when I was a kid and for the most part it happens to me now as an adult.

New Years is so melodramatic. Then New Years Day is even worst. There’s no tradition to it like other holidays like Christmas, Easter or Thanksgiving. Those holidays you actually do things on. New Years? Well, you sleep in, get dressed my noon … if you feel like it, then watch meaningless football games for entirely too long. There’s just not much to New Years Day besides being lazy.

This year I really didn’t want to make it “just another” New Years Eve and Day. I wanted to have fun and make it memorable. I wanted to get dressed by noon on New Years Day. And, well, for the most part I nailed it … except for the getting dressed by noon. But, still, it was fun.

On the 30th and 31st, I volunteered with the Salt Lake Comic Con at the Salt Palace during the EVE Salt Lake celebration. We brought in Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca from Star Wars) and Walter Jones (the Original Black Power Ranger) for a meet n’ greet, autographs and to be judges for a costume contest. I kind of was a runner and set up the green room for them. They are both great people and it was an awesome experience. More than anything I love seeing grown men turn into kids seeing some of their childhood heroes. I am sure I would feel the way if I ever ran into Captain Kangaroo.

This wasn’t Peter Mayhew, but one of the contestants of the costume contest. I was doing my Chewy yell, but instead it just looks like I am mid-belch.
Setting up the green room I found it somewhat disappointing that Peter Mayhew liked his granola bars crunchy and not CHEWY. If you didn’t get this joke don’t worry, my mother gave it a two “ha” courtesy laugh.

I didn’t stay the whole night at EVE, mainly because I am not a huge fan of crowds like that. I mean, I don’t mind them, it’s just when you all leave at the same time (five minutes after midnight) it’s not fun being herded like cattle towards your cars. It just isn’t. So, I left a little earlier and took a date up to my brother’s house to play games and binge eat grapes 12 seconds to midnight.

So my brother’s family has a tradition where they write 12 goals, wishes or resolutions for the new year. Then eat (more like binge) 12 grapes in the last 12 seconds before midnight of the new year. It’s suppose to be good luck and make your wishes and goals come true if you eat all 12 before the new year.
Really, though, I think it’s worth watching a room full of people shove grapes in their mouth with no regard to dignity.
I made my 12 goals and wishes with one being to FINALLY get my three-legged dog. But, upon a further glance it also looks like I might have a drinking problem thanks to the angle of the camera.
But, that goal was to simply continue to not drink soda/carbonation through 2014. I gave it up in 2013 and as you can see I toasted the new year with water … in a classy styrofoam cup.

Luckily, I had the day off from work so I was able to sleep in. I deliberately didn’t set an alarm, which was somewhat of a mistake, because I ended up waking up after noon. But, I was fine with that … somewhat. Knowing that I won’t be able to do that on Saturday because of my race AND because I will now have 9am church (compared to 1pm) sleeping will be a rare occurrence in 2014. Sigh.

But, the wasn’t entirely lazy. I had goals. I had plans. I recently made the decision to switch from Gold’s Gym to Planet Fitness and hadn’t worked out at the new PF. Since I wanted to get a good fartlek in before Saturday I ran lovely 5.1 miles on the treadmill. One of these days I’ll do a Planet Fitness vs. Gold’s Gym comparison, but comparing the two in Bountiful is kind of unfair, because the Bountiful Gold’s is falling apart and dirty (I once found a dirty bandaid on a treadmill there) and Planet Fitness just opened last month, so everything is brand spanking new. But, for the most part, I love the culture and atmosphere at PF compared to Gold’s, that was my main reason to make the switch.

This is my favorite pre-run fuel. Banana + Peanut Butter = Heaven.
The one thing that I love about PF is their “no judging” policy, because I totally ran on the treadmill wearing my Hash House A Go Go t-shirt. I love that place. Great t-shirt too.

After running on New Years I could have easily stopped right there and called it a day. But, I actually ended up doubling with my running friend Becca and her husband. We at some pizza (I can’t tell you how much I love a simple cheese pizza, call me boring, but it’s nirvana) played games like MadLibs, Apples to Apples, Uno Flash, and some other card games. We also watched their children play 1,000 card pickup with the Apples to Apples game, which was actually highly entertaining.

I really don’t have much to say about this picture other than I really need to clean underneath my fingernails more.

Becca also found a recipe for brownie waffles on Pinterest and decided to try it out on us. I’m pretty sure that we’re probably going to have to stage an intervention for Becca soon, because she’s pretty much eaten waffles everyday since Christmas. I mean, I can’t blame her since she got the waffle maker for Christmas, but she’s been eating waffles almost twice daily.

If I had an “Intervention” banner I totally would have taken it over with me, but I wouldn’t have unfurled it until AFTER she made the brownie waffles. Naturally, right? But, they turned out to be actually be really good. The outside of the brownie was ever so crisp and the ice cream helped balance everything out. Here are some pictures of how they turned out …

The recipe for the brownie waffles pretty much called for a boxed brownie mix. Becca made made the cake like brownies to give it more “fluff” but it probably wasn’t needed?
The brownie waffles got stuck a little bit in the waffle iron. Not sure if it was because of the cake like recipe that was followed? But, I set up this waffle with ice cream for a nice Instagram pic. This was shared between two people, but I am pretty sure I could have eaten the whole thing.
These were the discards. We joked about sending this to the Pinterosity blog. If anything this picture makes for interesting art, right? I could see this sitting in some kind of modern art gallery in the middle of Nebraska.

In all, it was a really fun way to bring in the new year. I felt productive, I had fun with great friends and I was able to eat brownie waffles without feeling guilty about it because I ran. It was definitely memorable and a good energizer for the brand new year.

Here’s to 2014! Happy New Years everyone!



  1. Becca says:

    I’m so glad you are back to blogging!

    Thanks for hanging out with us! We should make it a monthly thing. I love playing games, but I never do it! Next time I’ll just make regular brownies. Or maybe strawberry shortcake waffles? Or chocolate chip waffles? Mmmmm.

  2. Becca says:

    Nope! I REALLY want to make them (and the day is still young), but I opted for Cheerios and greek yogurt instead. And Tampico!!!

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