Half #50 is in the books

This morning I ran my 50th half marathon since July 2011. It’s also race number 55 of my 180 goal. I ran this race last year. Luckily it was MUCH warmer this year, but that didn’t take away the fact that it’s a tough course. No PR today. But, I still managed to cut off nearly 25 minutes from my last race with a 2:47:34. Not my fastest, but it got me where I wanted to go.

Here are a few pictures from the race and of my AWESOME running friends. I will have a full race recap on Monday, so stay tuned …

Becca and I carpooled from SLC to Pleasant Grove for the race and since we had an early start she was kind enough to make me waffles! These were the same waffles I wrote about yesterday.
These are my thug gloves/mittens. These saved my life today. I took a pair of Hottie Totties and put them in the mitten part. Kept my fingers warm throughout the race. I love these glove/mittens.
It was a cold run. But, I’ll take 21 degrees compared to last year’s -2 degrees. That was brutal.
I ran with London for most the race. We were joined by her husband Monte about 10 miles in after he got lost for three miles. He basically ran an ultra half marathon. Apparently, it’s the new running craze?!
Sure there is angle to this picture, but that’s a hill. A big, nasty hill that kicked everyone’s trash. I have a love/hate relationship with hills.
This is basically a chin up exercise for London. I kind of felt bad for her neck.
Not a bad time, especially when you consider how much your quads are screaming at you right after you finish.
A post-race recarb is not complete without snowman Peeps.
I am so GRATEFUL that I got to run with London. She ran pretty much the whole race with me. She truly is inspiring. I will have to have her share her story on here sometime.
Robert Merriman, Becca Wood, Janet Huffman and me showing off our medals post-race. What a fun group of people.
I love the awkwardness of this photo. Who knows what Robert Merriman is doing and then there’s me over there checking out how drench in sweat my hoodie is.
My friend Tim Gill aka Kilt Dude/Buffalo Runner/That Guy and I post race. Bless his sweet wife’s heart for taking this picture.
Some of my Runners Anonymous group members at the race. I am so lucky to be part of such a motivating and inspiring group of people.
I had to borrow some of my niece’s cream after it became apparent I’d be walking like a cowboy for the rest of the day.
Also on the level of TMI, I needed to buy some more Lactase thanks to an overabundance of chocolate milk at the race. If you must know, yes, I am lactose intolerant.


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