Happy Canada Day!


I love Canada Day. It might have something to do with the fact that I am 25% Canadian or it might be just because Canada rocks! Either way, I try to celebrate it like any good American would … with another Canadian.

Group Selfie!

Tonight some of my running friends met up at Liberty Park (fitting place to have a Canada Day run, eh?) to run. In actuality it was just an excuse to socialize, even though we did do some running. And, we did all of this under the guise of running because it was Canada Day.

Of course we invited our local Canadian, Robert Merriman who came before going to work. I guess you could say he was our guest of HONOUR. He even came all dressed in his own Canada shirt. Something I was a bit jealous of … I won’t lie. I need to put this on the list of shirts to buy.

The run wasn’t exactly what I thought it was going to turn out for me. Luckily I got some mileage in during the day so I didn’t feel like it was a total waste. I was just happy to be among friends. If anything it was totally worth that.

Quarter of mile? That warrants a cookie, right?

Jill even brought Butterfinger cookies to share with us. She shared the recipe and story behind them on her blog. You should check it out. I know Mark (her husband) would hate me saying this, but the story is #totespresh. The love they both have their two daughters is evident in all that they do. And, these cookies are one of the small ways they keep Isabel’s memory alive. I love it.

Tonight’s run is a good warm up for this weekend’s run down Big Cottonwood with the same group! I am really excited for that run. I ABSOLUTELY love running down Big Cottonwood canyon. It’s gorgeous, steep and did I mention gorgeous? That should be about a 15 mile run. A great way to celebrate the 4th of July weekend if you ask me.



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