Hey, look, I actually did some running …

It’s been over two weeks since my last run. If you ask me if I feel bad about that, I’d definitely say no. Very much a no. I’ve needed the rest after piling on the miles the previous two months. The body just needed to mend.

Well, the legs and feet needed to mend. I still worked out — doing mainly weights. But, I had nary the interest to run and that’s okay. I really was spent after my 50K two weeks ago.

But, this morning — I laced up my Hokas and decided to break my non-running streak. Not so much because of guilt, but more so out of necessity. I was hungry for some endorphins and just wanted to get my body outside.

So I did.

I didn’t really have a distance goal. And, heavens no I didn’t have a pace goal. I just went out by feel and decided to go head back when I felt like it.

The legs carried me in an out and back run of about 3.4 or so miles. The only reason why I cared about the distance was because I am tracking my miles this year — otherwise it wouldn’t have mattered. Because, the only thing that mattered was being out there.

There wasn’t anything too noteworthy of the run. I saw a dog. That was cool. And, I got lapped by two really speedy runners — I kinda felt bad for them because the both times they lapped me they were checking their Garmin.

There is something to be said to just be out there in the moment feeling care free about needed distance or pace. Trail running and specifically my 50 miler has really changed my perspective on the role of running in my life. Goals are important, but the means to achieve those goals shouldn’t be a do or die focus. You lose the benefits and blessings that running offer when you focus too hard on them.

Anyways, enough of my preaching. I am just happy that I got out there today and I am looking forward to a run or two more this week — probably after Thanksgiving. The weather has been perfect lately and I can’t NOT take advantage of that while it lasts.

But, the rest of the week is being focused on the Thankful 13 — we’ve got packet stuffing tomorrow night and then race set up on Wednesday afternoon and evening before race day on Thanksgiving morning. We’re still looking for volunteers so if you’re interested — PLEASE — sign up, we’d love (and need) your help.

I’ll blog a bit more either later this or next week. The Joshbys are coming up soon and I’ve got a few things pertaining to my 2017 races that I’ll be sharing here in the next couple of weeks. Fun, fun news!

But, that’s all for later. The focus is on the race and the holiday. I’m looking forward to just spending time with my family — there’s nothing better. So, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!



257.25 miles


400.05 miles


1320.08 miles


1977.38 miles

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