How Joshua Got His Groove Back

workoutI’m no Stella, but I’m getting my groove back. Last week just wasn’t my week. I caught some combination of the flu and cold. Or probably just the flu? I’m not sure what you would call it? But, death was upon me.

It really put me out of commission from New Years Eve to about Monday-ish. Not fun. Sure, I cranked out a half marathon on New Years Day, but I also had to sell my race bib for the New Years Half Marathon in Pleasant Grove on Saturday.

It was a smart decision.

I ended up basically drinking a daily cocktail of cough medicines sprinkled with Mucinex, Emergen-C and Halls throat drops. Luckily, I wasn’t throwing up. But, I kept the food simple. Bananas, rice and water. Sounds like prison food, but actually when I am sick there is nothing I love more than plain white rice.

Don’t get me started on it. I probably won’t stop.

But, now about a week from the start of the illness I am really starting to feel MUCH better. My energy levels are returning back to normal and I no longer have my stupid sore throat. YEAH!

So, now I am starting to really feel ready to attack my new year goals and gain the focus I need to attain my long term goals. I tried focusing on it this past weekend, but it’s really hard to focus on them when all you want to do is drink NyQuil and watch I Love Lucy reruns. I just didn’t worry about it. I just focused on getting better.

But, last night I was ready to tackle it all. Well, okay, not all, but a good sized chunk. Instead of focusing on just running and getting miles in, I am really trying to focus on getting QUALITY miles in. Instead of just cruising on the dreadmill at a nice clip, I decided to do two miles of half mile sprints (well, at my goal race pace of 9:08) and then a mile on the step climber.

The half mile sprints were tough, especially when you consider the fact I am still getting over my illness and I have really focused on speed work since … ‘Nam. But, it was good. It was a good starting point at seeing where I need to be and feel physically at a sub-two race pace.

But, the step climber!

Oh, that blasted step climber!

I hate it.

I am not sure if I hate it more than the dreadmill … yet. But, I am sure within the next month that hatred might surpass its’ counterpart. It’s just not a fun machine.


I know I need to do it. Especially, when I am not running outside that much during the winter. I really failed to run many hilly courses last year as I had in years past. Mainly, because I was more worried about marathon miles than anything. I think it’s safe to say … that was a mistake.

Plus, my friend Susette basically lives on the step climber and she’s got the best calves I know. As evidenced here …


I mean really … SHE LIVES ON THAT MACHINE! And, yes, I really have a crush on her calves. I want them.

So with that said, I am going to be adding more miles on the step climber as well. Last night it was VERY tough to get through a mile. And, my quads and calves feel it all right now. But, it’s so worth it.

I want to condition myself to where I can do 30-45 minutes on the blasted thing without stopping or dying. I am not quite sure how I will work that into with my speed training quite yet … ??!? But, I have a fellow friend helping me with a training schedule working towards the sub-two … sooooooo … I am not too panicked about it right now.

Needless to say, I am pretty excited about the new regime. I am not making any excuses, especially with my thyroid or testosterone. I am going to put the work in the way it needs to be done and if the body doesn’t respond quite as I want it to, so be it. I have enough faith the I’ll get it balanced and back on track in time.

But, as of right now … I’m excited to be getting my groove back. It’s amazing what a little focus can do for you!


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