Hump Day Happenings — The Abolitionists, Knee Surgery Update & Whole30 Diet.

I have an ‘exclamation complex.’ If it was update to me every sentence I write would end like this!!!! But, over the years through my vast communication education and blogging I’ve learned how annoying the exclamation point can be to the reader.

No, I don’t write like a 14 year old girl with bundles of excitement and energy after every word. But, man on man — sometimes — I just want to let those exclamation points rip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Excuse the odd rant — I started thinking about my complex I was writing the title of this post. I really wanted to lay on the exclamation points, but I restrained myself (and used a period instead). Mostly, because I wasn’t THAT excited and I secretly hated myself for wanting to do so.

Okay, seriously, the rant is over — if you’re still with me, congratulations! (that exclamation point was warranted)


I’m done.


Lots going on this week — and have gone on this week. Namely, three things of main focus right now (if you haven’t read the title of this post already the next three things will be a surprise to you) — 1) Hosted a viewing of The Abolitionists last night, 2) My Dad is recovering from knee surgery and 3) I started the Whole30 Diet today.

Here, let me compartmentalize the three for you …


Last night — Jorge and I — hosted (along with RACE) a showing of The Abolitionists at Jordan Commons here in SLC. Just a few thoughts about the evening — I was OVERWHELMED with the support. It was so great seeing many old and new faces in the theater. This is a cause near and dear to my heart and it’s great seeing others impacted by it as well.

This was also my second time seeing the documentary — and it was just as difficult as the first. Probably worse. There were many times I wanted to simply get up and leave, because I knew what was coming up. I knew what was next. And, emotionally — I didn’t want to go through that again.

But, it hit me pretty hard while sitting in the theater watching it — those kids can’t simply walk away when it gets hard. Quite the opposite. Plus, my discomfort and uneasiness PALES in comparison to the hell these children have gone through.

I also dedicating my miles that I am running this weekend at the Ogden Half to the pedometer of #run2m that RACE has set forth. We are pledging to run two million miles for these kids — and we’ll get there! We’ll be posting more information about that a bit later this week.

But, if you haven’t seen the movie yet — DO SO! The Larry H. Miller Group has donated theaters from Friday to Friday (May 20-27) for its’ viewing. The proceeds from the ticket sales go to The Abolitionists and OUR in their fight against child sex slavery.

Plus, the more we PACK the theaters here — the more theaters nationwide and internationally will pick up the movie. Human trafficking is a worldwide issue — even here in the US and little ‘ol Utah. So please — grab your family, friends, co-workers … whoever! And, go see the movie this weekend or next week. It’s important that we get this message out!


Yesterday my Dad has his last knee surgery — well, hopefully his last — since he had to have his knee replacement replaced back in January. After that surgery he had to spend a couple of months a rehab center before allowed to go home.

He got the go ahead for the surgery last week and the doctor was optimistic that everything would be good for a quicker recovery. He wouldn’t need a rehab center stay nor a week long stay in the hospital post-surgery.

In fact he thought he could have done the surgery much earlier — which is good. My parents just waited mainly because they thought the recovery period would be about the same — so they wanted to wait until after my brother’s wedding in June.

Luckily — they didn’t need to wait longer.

My Dad will be coming home on Friday — and while there are many difficult (and painful) days ahead for him with recovery — it won’t be as bad as his last surgery. All of the permanent parts are in and hopefully within time — he’ll be able to walk more pain free and without the aid of his walker.

But, thank you so much for all the prayers, thoughts and well wishes — they’ve meant a lot to him and our family. I know he’s just eager for a sense of normalcy to return to his every day life — and it will.


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So, I’ve been talking some this past week about the Whole30 Diet I am undertaking. Well, today is day one. And, so far — I am still alive. No big cravings — I am a bit more thirsty which is good. But, I also had quite a bit of sodium yesterday.

Either way, I am just excited about doing this — I am hoping it helps me pin-point food triggers that are slowing down my thyroid and metabolism. I don’t think I have a gluten intolerance — but, I know I have a lactose intolerance. So that won’t be a problem giving up.

Well, okay, I lied — it will. I’ll miss ice cream. I had a last milkshake yesterday in preparation for the diet — partly a farewell to dairy and sugar and partly as a fat load. I’ve found when I change my diet — if I eat more than usual more fat the day before I don’t encounter the hunger pains as bad the first couple of days.

I usually do that with guacamole or other more natural fats — but, I treated myself to some ice cream because of the specs of this diet plan. It was perfect too — an In n’ Out neapolitan shake.

Anyways — I’m still reading up on the diet. I know most of the ‘nos,’ but I am working now on the ‘shoulds.’ I am glad that I am doing this alongside my sister — we’re both eager to right our thyroids and lose some weight as well.

If you want to keep up to date with my Whole 30 diet plan — I am posting most of my food, exercise and thoughts over on my Fight4Phat Instagram page. I’ll post some here and some on my PhatJosh Facebook page as well. Oh, and I am keeping a daily journal I’ll share after the 30 days are up.

But, so far, so good — my morning Postum was a little hard to get down sans Splenda, sugar, dairy or creamer — but, I can do this, because I am doing this!

119 - Ogden Half

Another focus of mine this week is the Ogden Half Marathon. I am excited for this race for a number of reasons —

  1. It’s a race!
  2. I love the Ogden Marathon.
  3. The forecast calls for ONLY a 20% chance of rain (it’s Ogden — there’s a 100% chance it will rain).
  4. I am aiming to build on my 2:55 finish from Provo City.
  5. I am running with Jill!

Seriously, this is one of my favorite races. I’ve done the race five times — once the marathon, the other four the half. It’s well organized, beautiful and just a fun energy from the crowd of runners. I’ve planned other races in the past on Ogden Marathon weekend — but, more often than not — I find myself in Ogden running.

I can’t complain about that, right?

Anyways — the focus is to build on my Provo City time, but also to fuel myself on my Whole30 diet. I’ve been reading online for tips — and mainly — eat lots of bananas, sweet potatoes and no-sugar added applesauce. I can definitely get behind bananas.

I just want to make sure I have the energy to at least beat my Provo City time — I already told Jill that’s our goal — so now it’s just a matter of doing it, right?


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