I did it! I did it! Two Half Marathons in one day!


I love these little challenges. Back in July, I ran back-to-back half marathons that I dubbed an “All-Night Marathon.” I am not sure if there’s really a special name you would call this feat? Maybe, stupid? lol … okay, no. But, close.

I ended up running the Haunted Half in Provo in the morning and then the Howloween Half Marathon back in Provo later that night. There was about a five hour rest period between races for me. Though, I didn’t really get any rest. I carpooled with my friend Sonja to the first race and once I got home I had about an hour and a half until I had to leave again. That hour and a half barely gave me enough time to wash my dirty clothes, take a shower and stretch.

It kind of surprised my legs held up during my last race. In July when I did my back-to-back I started questioning my very existence. But, really, even for a night race the weather was perfect for running and not having to run in summer heat made a difference.

More than accomplishing this feat, I was just happy to be running with friends and pacing. I paced both races it was such a great experience meeting so many first time half marathoners. I even met one at the Howloween Half that signed up yesterday. YESTERDAY! This was his first race … ever. I was so happy to see him cross the finish line, because I knew it was quite an accomplishment for him.

But, here are a few pictures from the races. Make sure to stay tuned tomorrow for my two race reports!

Sonja and I on the bus to the start of the Haunted Half up Provo Canyon.
Fish are our friends.
Jenny, Reese and I getting ready to run down Provo Canyon.
People threw away so MUCH stuff along the way, of course I did a little shopping.
My new wardrobes.
I won’t lie, Corey’s costume scared me a tad. SO FREAKY!
I found a cat on the course!
My mid-day fuel? SUBWAY OF COURSE! I could marry the Egg White & Steak foot-long sandwich.
My peeps at the start of the Howloween Half Marathon! I love these people!
Rendi and my LONG AWAITED selfie!
Two of my favorite people.
You can’t beat a sunset like this one. SO AWESOME!
I blog, so naturally I’m asking for stalkers. But, not ones that PHYSICALLY stalk you … for 13.1 miles.
Rachel my co-pacer and I after the race! Such a great time and experience!


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