I don’t think I want to FARTLEK anymore …

1604506_10201187431198727_206487759_nYesterday I got new license plates in the mail. I won’t lie, I was slightly disappointed when I opened them. My first choice was FARTLEK. You know, the type of training most runners follow to become stronger/faster runners? To the everyday walker though this term is quite foreign. My Mother thinks it’s a perverse word, while my sisters are adamant that no respectful girl will ever get into my car with a license plate gracing it’s bumpers.

But, runners get it. And, that’s what matters, right?

Either way the Utah DMV did approve my second choice of RUNJOSH (well technically RUNJ0SH). Which I must say I do like. Not equally. But, I like it nonetheless. It’s growing one me the more I stare it and that cheesy picture of me that I Instagrammed last night. But, it does capture my love for running and it kind of serves as a positive affirmation to keep going (actually my problem is that I don’t think I know how to stop?).

I’m not giving up on my battle to get FARTLEK approved someday. When the time comes and Olivia the Oldsmobile bites the dust and I am forced to buy a new car I am going to personally request FARTLEK license plates. Hopefully the DMV employee will be a fellow runner and GET it. And, if not, that’s okay, I’ll just come to the DMV armed with printed handouts about what fartleking means and is. It’s nothing perverse or crude. Quite the opposite.

Heck, maybe I should take DMV employees around the state out for a fartleking session so they can experience it for themselves.

But, in the meantime RUNJOSH it is.



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