I neeeeed a map, need a map, need a map, need a map …

MapI should preference this by saying, yes, I am a single dude. But, I do have a two year old niece that lives at home. And, yes, sometimes I get wrapped up in her TV stories. I feel like I don’t need any further explanation.

It’s not a secret that lately I am trying to lose weight and get some of my speed back. I’m moving along. I’ve lost about 10lbs. towards my 20lbs. goal. I’m doing this by just being more consistent in my workouts and my eating habits.

I’ve been using MyFitnessPal as a food journal and I am also connected to my FitBit which measures burnt calories, steps and workout intensity. Not, a bad set up I must say.

But, I’ve felt that something is missing lately. Like, what kind of goal am I working towards? Yes, I am working towards getting faster as a runner. But, how? And, when?

Also, what am I working towards with my weight training and overall fitness? What’s the end result going to be? Where am I going with all of that?

And, honestly, I can’t really answer all of those questions.

So the other night I was watching Dora the Explorer … with my niece. It was right after a workout and all of these questions were on my mind. But, it’s funny where and when your answers will come to you. Because you never know.

Watching the show the answer came and hit me with one of those, “DUH” moments. What I need was a map. I needed a road map to take me where I wanted to go.

Now, if you aren’t familiar with Dora there is a character called Map, he usually pops up when Dora needs direction and help to get somewhere. There’s even this catchy song attached to it …

Don’t worry you don’t have to like it. I kind of find it somewhat annoying myself. But, the point is … I needed a map. I needed a direction. I couldn’t just go through the motions without a vision of where I want to go.

How often do we do this in life? We get wrapped up in life that we end up losing focus though we THINK we’re doing okay. But, in reality, we’re just going through the motions with no real purpose or vision to work towards.

This doesn’t have to just apply to the diet and exercise, but really anything in life. How many of get stuck in jobs or careers we don’t enjoy? How often do we daydream about what we want to be doing instead of what we’re doing in the moment?

I’m guilty of that. Comfort feels safer than change, so we naturally pull towards the path of least resistance. That’s just kind of human nature.

But, it’s also human nature to make resolutions and aspire to a higher standard. And, if we follow those feelings and stick to it that builds character, purpose and a life we once only imagined.

So the past couple of days, I’ve been MAPPING out my life. The main focus right now has been the workouts and diet. But, I am starting to really focus on my journey towards other projects and goals. I’ve really been wanting and needing to do for a while now.

Every once in a while I need a push out of my comfort zone. Sure there are times when someone or something does that for you. But, I prefer a self-push instead. Though, I welcome both.

Right now, I know I need to find another job. I need to. My talents, skills and career goals are pushing me in another direction. I also want to finish my book. I’ve re-started on that thing now about three times. It needs to be finished soon.

But, I also have ambitions for volunteer service, running, family projects and the likes. That’s why I know that when you have a PLETHORA of projects pulling you in many directions you need that map. That map that shows where you stand and how far you need to go to get to your goal.

Now the next question is … what’s on your map? And, where are you going?



  1. I love this (and watched Dora the Explorer long after it was socially acceptable). This is such a good point, and I definitely want to map out my goals now. I just ran my first mile and plan to work toward running my first 5K (hopefully) soon. Thanks for this encouragement and inspiration!

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