I’m getting too old to be this young …

IMG_6480The title really says it all. Well, actually it doesn’t. The title could lead you to believe that I am trying to at act more mature. But, it really has nothing to do with my maturity level (that’s a post for another day) and more with my health and body.

I took the day off from work today and went through a marathon of doctor appointments. I had the dentist this morning followed up by my doctor and then I ended it with the eye doctor for my annual checkup. As fun as that all seems … it wasn’t.

In fact, it just makes me start hating this aging process even more. As I mentioned yesterday I’ve had problems with my testosterone and thyroid lately. I’ve had a stubborn 20-25lbs. that just won’t go anywhere. And, my workouts and runs have mainly been to keep my weight neutral than anything else. It’s been frustrating because I’ve seen how the extra weight effects my runs, pace and recovery.

It kinda sucks.

And, after sitting down with my doctor we couldn’t really figure out exactly what was going on either. Which tempered my enthuasism about getting a solution today. So, instead he referred me to an endocrinologist (I just linked it for you knowing that you’d Google it anyways, considering that I had no idea what it meant when my doctor was talking to me) to help me out. He’s more worried wondering WHY I would need testosterone now at age 33, compared to my late-40s and 50s. Besides it running in my family … I don’t know?

They ruled out diabeetus, cancer and a food baby … sooooooooo … I’m good in that regard. But, they’re not sure why my energy levels are all over the place, my sleep patterns are less than desirable and my diet and exercise isn’t doing much for me. That’s the grand mystery of all of this … crap.

Oh, they’re going to check to see if I have sleep apnea as well. So there’s that.

But, my doctor also gave me some other pointers to help with my energy levels and sleeping patterns. He encouraged me to be more strict about getting eight hours of sleep a night. Even if my body isn’t feeling tired he told me to just lay in bed. But, read a book … DON’T be on my phone, Facebook, etc.

He also encouraged me to make sure that I am eating balanced throughout the day and that I consume around 80mg of caffeine throughout the earlier part of the day. I just needed to avoid consuming it 6-8 hours before bed time.

Then of course he just encouraged me to keep running and working out and focus on balance. Which was my plan for this month all along. My long runs are going to be 5-8 miles with 3-5 miles twice a week. I’ve been trying to be very systematic lately with my diet and workout regime so this should fall in line and be fairly easy to follow.

But, one thing I know I could probably work on this next month is the mental aspects of all of this. It’s frustrating and I think that mentally I’ve been telling my body that. But, I need to reverse that and start telling my body that it is going to change. It doesn’t have a choice. I need to focus on positivity, especially when it gets frustrating and then just live with that hope and faith my body will follow.

Gosh that sounds like something you’d read in a Deseret Book health book.

You get the point.

Everything else though is good. Granted, I do need to get a bridge. But, my teeth are actually pretty good. NO CAVITIES (just a tooth extraction and root canal)! I am actually really excited about that, because the hygienist could tell that I don’t drink that much soda. That’s a huge compliment considering that it will be three years on New Years Day that I haven’t drank soda.

It ain’t good for you folks … diet or regular. Just say no.

But, I will be getting new glasses soon, so stay tuned for that. It should be exciting. Well, for me. Probably not for you, right?

Anyways, lesson from today? Make good habits now, stay on top of your health and try to text after getting your eyes dilated. It just doesn’t work. Trust me.


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