InstaReplay: AF Canyon Race Against Cancer

WOWWEE! That was a tough run. I ran the AF Canyon Race Against Cancer this morning. It was tough. I’m a little sore (well, whole lotta sore). I went into the race shooting for a 2:30-2:40 race time and I was on pace for that finish time coming down the canyon. But, around mile 9-10 I tripped on a stupid bump on the Cedar Hills Trail caused by a tree root. I’m fine — it just slowed me down quite a bit,

It didn’t help that the last 3-4 miles were pretty flat and hot. But, hey, I finished — still under three hours. So, I’m fine with my finish time. Especially considering my first 8-9 miles. I’m feeling stronger and it’s a matter of time I get more consistent.

But, I’m not going to give you a full race recap — yet. Come back Monday morning for the full recap. But, in the meantime — enjoy my Instagram snaps from the race …

There are many reasons why I run — the joy, thrill and personal competition is something I love. I love the friendships I’ve made over the years and the people I’ve met. But, running for someone close to your heart, deepens those reasons. It’s hard to put into words. But, it gives those miles extra purpose and meaning. You’re not just running by yourself, but with them as well. Even if they aren’t physically there. When my mom was diagnosed with cancer in early 2012 — I ran for her. My year of running was focused on her. I wore pink shoes and accessories throughout the year. It was therapeutic for both me and even my mother. She showed me what it meant to be a fighter. Her chemotherapy was in the middle of training for my first marathon. When I wanted quit or stop I simply thought of her and how she couldn’t stop. She couldn’t quit. Well, she could. But, she chose to fight. That example gave me courage to keep going. Tomorrow as I run the AF Canyon Race Against Cancer I’m running for my Mom. But, I’m also running for those who are fighting, have fought and will fight this ugly disease. My grandpa, my Aunt Mary, my Uncle George, my dear friend Dith (who will be RUNNING the race with us!), my other friends Marie, Nathan and Emily. Cancer sucks. But, they’ll always have my heart. Now … GO FIGHT! RUN! #afcanyonhalf #race123 #running @afcanyonrun @joshruns180 @josherwalla

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I wish it was as easy as 1-2-3, but RACE #123 is on the books! The race started beautifully. Tried to bank some time for the later miles so I could come in around 2:30-2:40. But, around mile 9-10 I kinda biffed it and tweaked the ‘ol knee. I’m fine, but it bothered me enough that my run went from a consistent run to a Galloway run/walk and then to a walk with occasional runs. It was tough, especially mentally to accept. But, I’ve got to look at the positives — I felt strong during those first 9-10 miles, I get a massage and I looked dead sexy in pink running for my mom, Dith and the many people in my life who’ve fought cancer. There are other races and I’ll get where I want, this wasn’t a derailment, just a speed bump (but, one built annoyingly tall so it shakes the whole car). Next up The 13 Miles of Freedom on Saturday! No goal for that — yet. #afcanyonhalf #race123 #running @afcanyonrun @joshruns180 @fight4phat

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I have a banana problem. #bananaaa #afcanyonhalf #race123 #running @joshruns180 @fight4phat

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