InstaReplay: Drop 13 Half Marathon

I don’t run with a watch — well, I have one — but, I choose not to run with it. I have a Garmin that I bought about three years ago — it works fine, does its’ job and all that jazz. But, about a year or so ago I stopped running with it mainly because I felt like a slave to it. I hinged my happiness on what I did or did not run and mentally I had to take a break and focus on the WHYS of running.

I just haven’t bothered strapping it on for races or training runs.

So, after my run this morning — it’s KILLING ME that I didn’t wear it, because I want to know what my time was. It was one of my best races — if not best races — in two years. After a myriad of thyroid, testosterone and other health issues my time took a backseat to just finishing and enjoying the race at hand.

But, today changed that and gave me some hope that the tide is turning. My meds are balanced or feel like they are — and now that I am about Day #24 into my Whole 30 program that is helping even more. The boosted energy and dropped weight for the past three weeks is making a difference.

Anyways — I am not going to give you my whole race recap — that’s for Monday. But, I’m anxiously waiting for On Hill Events to post the race times, because I really, really want to know where I finished. I know it was somewhere around my goal range of 2:35-2:45 well below a sub-2:40 — and possibly even sub-2:35?

I just want to know!

Anyways here are some of my pictures from the race this morning while I wait with baited breath!

Me and Boojah. I look up to her. #drop13half #race121 #running @onhillevents @joshruns180 @fight4phat

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I needed this race today. It wasn't a PR, but that doesn't matter. It was still my best time in nearly two years. I'm waiting on official results, but it's somewhere around 2:35ish. It was a physical, mental, spiritual and emotional effort … but, I gave it my all! I credit a lot of my success on my preparation, streaking and Whole30 diet. My energy and stamina are increasing and my thyroid seems to working on all cylinders. I couldn't be happier. Like I said, I needed today. My sore quads, calves and butt muscles are a sweet painful reminder (for probably the next week) that I gave it my all today. Now to continue to build upon this and shoot for the moon! #drop13half #race121 #running @onhillevents @joshruns180 @fight4phat

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YES!!! I needed this victory today. A physical, mental, emotional and spiritual victory. I attribute today’s successful race on many factors — attitude, adequate prep, but more then that — my @whole30 diet. Seriously. If it wasn’t for the increased energy and dropped weight I’ve experienced in the past three weeks — the outcome would have been much slooooower. I’m waiting for my official time, but I feel like it’s easily my best time in the past two years. Somewhere around 2:35 … ish. I feel and see the difference, which excites and encourages me to keep going well beyond my 30 days. But, one step at a time. #day24 #whole30 #running #workout #fitness #halfmarathon #goals #weightloss #drop13half #race121 @onhillevents @whole30 @fight4phat @joshruns180 @josherwalla

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