InstaReplay: Run Elevated Half Marathon

I won’t go into a full recap of my race considering I am working on a recap for tomorrow. But, I am happy with this race. Extremely happy. I was a minute off of my goal, but considering I was battling a cold the previous two weeks with minimal running — I feel confident that I am going in the right direction.

This is one of my favorite races, mainly because this is one of my favorite canyons. I know I say that a lot. But, when you live near so many beautiful canyons here in northern Utah — it’s hard to pick just one. Especially when each offers a beautiful scenery unique to itself. Utah — northern and southern — is full of beautiful canyons, period. One should feel lucky to be called a Utah runner.

Anyways — my race was one part of my 20 miles. Originally, I wanted to run my last 7 miles near the race in Sandy, but I had to scamper home. This worked out fine, because the whole point of breaking up the 20 miles with my race was because I wanted simulate fatigue. And, what better way to do that then to run 7 miles a few hours after a killer half marathon?

My legs hated me. But, that was the point.

I feel great about my race, I feel good about the 20 miles put in for the day and I feeling a lot stronger with this cold passing. Make sure to come back tomorrow for my race recap. There’s a lot more to my race. See you tomorrow …

I just want someone that looks at me, the way I look at Slurpees. #thatsalliask

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