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If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I have a number of personal accounts I update quite regularly. Namely, @mejosher (my personal account), @running180 (my running/blog account) and @fight4phat (my weight loss/fitness account). I separated them all for a number of reasons. One, I’m OCD and like to compartmentalize everything. And, two, each account speaks differently to a different crowd.

For instance, if someone is interested in following my weight loss account, I don’t see value in them also getting a bunch of pictures of my family. And, the same goes the other way around for friends who aren’t interesting in seeing all my fitness and diet posts. And, it’s really not that difficult to manage … all I have to do is log out of one and into another. Not hard.

So why am I sharing all of this?

Birthday 036
FAT Josh.

Well, for the past couple of months since I launched my weight-loss account I’ve tried to also find a voice, venue and direction for not just the account, but the purpose of the theme and goal. A lot of that has been attributed to what I’ve been going through with doctors, my thyroid and testosterone. Originally, when I started the account it was called @back2phat and I also launched a progress and accountability blog by the same name with it.

A month ago I deleted the blog and just focused on the Instagram account under the new name of @fight4phat. On the account I basically post my daily weigh-in, workout and the occasional food and other fitness relatable posts. It’s really there for accountability and to show progress being made.

But, I can’t shake the feeling that I need to do more. But, I don’t want to add another blog and I don’t want it to be too complicated. I just want to set myself up for a bigger group to hold me accountable and I want to share more in-depth thoughts, feelings and goals that Instagram doesn’t really allow. So I decided to make “Fight4Phat” a weekly feature here on Running180.

PHAT Josh.

I am not quite sure how it will look or what the feel of it will be like … but … I will post my weekly progress numbers. And, instead of just posting my scale number, I am going to post my total body fat percentage as well. And, every couple of weeks I will also share my measurements. I am also planning on having this post on Wednesdays. Generally my weekly weigh-ins are on Fridays, so I’ll figure that out in the next couple of weeks.

Since I am going to be California, I am not going to be blogging at all next week. I’m still managing the Instagram account, but I am going to launch the blog post the following week — most likely October 7th. However, on October 12th I will be starting a 12 week program that will take me to the end of the year. I’m doing that on purpose. Not only to shred weight, but to also keep me honest throughout the holidays. Not a bad idea, eh?

But, I will post about all of that on the next post. It’ll be a good program. I am also excited to share more of that journey here on this blog. It’s been a frustrating past year dealing with my thyroid and testosterone and I want to share that with more people and here is a good place to do that.

Anyways, follow @fight4phat on Instagram and come back in a couple weeks for this little journey of mine.



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