It’s a ‘Super Phat’ kind of Tuesday


Usually, I do these posts on Mondays — but, I won’t lie. I didn’t have much to share yesterday. Well, I guess I did — but, I just felt like sharing most of my content for today. Especially, since I haven’t done a Phat Tuesday post for a while.

Plus, it was kind of a crazy weekend — a good crazy weekend mind you. My long run ended up being on Friday, because I was gone all day on Saturday at the UCAP (Utah Coalition Against Pornography) conference here in Salt Lake City.

And, I pretty much mean — all day — I left the house at 5:30am and didn’t get home until 5:30pm. So I ended up breaking up my intended six mile run in half on Friday — I did three in the morning and three at night. It worked. It was what I needed. Plus, right now miles are miles — I am not going for a certain pace in my training … yet.

The UCAP conference was really good. My sister invited me — she is a board member — so there was some intrigue there. Plus, it is a topic I am very passionate about — and — it didn’t hurt that Elder Holland was speaking as well.

I think the biggest thing I learned from the conference, was not so much the content from all the classes and presentations, but at how widespread the epidemic is — even here in Utah. And, it’s not just recovering addicts who attended — but, families who want to learn skills on how to talk to their kids about pornography, protect them from pornography and keep themselves guarded against it as well.

Such an interesting conference — gut wrenching too. There were a few people who shared their stories of how they nearly lost everything from their addiction. I am glad that I attended and am planning on it again next year.

Anyways — onto other things — like running and diet and other things …

This week marks a switch of my diet — it’s been six weeks already and I like to switch things up every six weeks. This switch is fairly similar to the past six weeks, but I am refining my food a bit. Especially watching the carbs and sugar even closer.

But, the biggest switch is my protein shakes. I am switching out my usual Syntha-6 protein shakes for Isagenix. No, I am not a distributor again — we have a surplus of it at home so I am buying some from my Mom at cost. I love the product and it really helped me the last time I was on it a couple years ago. I am hoping that will help me balance my thyroid and testosterone once again.

We’ll see.

Food wise — I’m cutting out some fruit as well. Instead of a daily banana every morning, I am pairing that up with my runs — so about 10-15 before I go run. And, the focus is more FRESH vegetables and lean meats — chicken and fish.

Nothing too off from the plan now — just more refined and strict. Which works for me.

Oh, and of course, I am making room for my free meal each week. Again, I only get it if I am 100% on my diet and exercise that week.

So, yeah, that’s changing today.

Anyways, I hope the past weekend has been good and that you’re enjoying daylight savings time as much as I am! I love this time of the year. Love, love, love!

Summer is almost here!


I have been rather shocked at the response of the new Addict II Athlete Podcast that launched this past weekend. Well, actually, I am not. I’ve believed in this podcast from day one and I am excited BEYOND excited to see it get the numbers it has so far.

A lot of that comes from the amazing network of the AIIA athletes — they support each other and I think you’ll notice that more and more as this podcast progresses. Plus, the power of a narrative attracts others — pretty much from every walk of life — and these are some POWERFUL stories.

Please give it a listen and support AIIA’s great mission —


The temple is looking rather temply tonight don’tcha think? #ldstemple

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AMAZING keynote address from Elder Holland this morning at the UCAP Conference. WOW! #ucapconf

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I’m on an escalator with an untied shoe … um, won’t lie — kinda scared. #dontdiejosh

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Sometimes your hot Saturday date is only such, because they’re fevering. #bfffmovienight

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This kid is smiling, not because I’m making him do so … but … because he’s passing gas. #babytrex

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I love these faces. Especially baby newborn drunk faces. #hansenkiddles #babytrex #misssweetcheeks #elijees #kokomo

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45.3 miles


35.5 miles


300.69 miles


381.49 miles



Daily Shorts.fw

  • The PrepperCon commercial was released yesterday — and — well my niece is practically a movie star now. We knew this day would come. But, seriously, not a bad commercial for everyone involved.
  • This is a really awesome read about the Barkley Marathon from RW. A number of years ago a friend of mine actually wrote and recorded a song about the race — listen to it here.
  • Um, yeah, most of these foods sound disgusting! Good thing most of them flopped.
  • The Mormon Tabernacle Choir released this Easter video of them — and a virtual choir of YouTube community members — singing Hallelujah! AWESOME! I love Easter — my favorite holiday and not just because of all the Peeps and jelly beans.
  • I love this story — the right decision REALLY isn’t the easiest. And, it looks like this couple wrote a book about their experience taking in an 80 year old homeless and mentally ill lady. Wow, what an amazing act of charity!
  • I shared this on my social media last week — but, I find it absolutely hilarious. Two girls dressed up as Anna and Elsa, here in SLC, at Frozen on Ice — and got asked to leave because they attracted hordes of kids wanting pictures and autographs. I get why — but, I find it hilarious for many reasons — none more than because it happened here in Utah.
  • These type of running records inspire me — but, don’t expect me to try to go break any kind of treadmill record — especially for 12 hours. I can barely stand an hour on the blasted belted sidewalk. But, still — this is a cool feat, eh?
  • Really? I mean REALLY, REALLY? I have no many words about this article, but I’ll let you read it for yourself. Is this really what our society has become?
  • I think I am going to leave you with this — because, why not?

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