Look I’m an Ambassador!

emrbannerI’m kind of excited. Well, actually … REALLY, REALLY, REALLY … excited. I got word yesterday that I was named one of seven ambassadors for the Extra Mile Racing company here in Utah.

What does this all mean?

Jill and I after feeling/running THE BURN!

Well, I get to run all of their races for free. Which, personally, helps the pocket book whenever I’m running 20-30 half marathons a year. But, that’s really not my main motivation to become an ambassador. I love the running community and want to be around it increasingly more and more.

Plus, I really love the races that Jared and Extra Mile Racing put on. This past year I ran a number of his races — New Years Run Resolution, The Burn, Howloween Half and the Saltair Half to name a few. They’re a local company which really focuses on the runners (and cyclists).

Me, Elsha and Becky before the Howloween Half!

Case in point, when there was complaints about the ASTRONOMICAL registration fee for the Salt Lake City Marathon (it was over $116 more than six months out from the race!), Jared listened and planned an affordable alternate for those not wanting to fork over that much for a race.

And, now there’s the West Mountain Marathon scheduled for the same day (April 18th) as the SLC Marathon. The early-bird registration fee was also $40 … FOR THE MARATHON! And, even a month later the price is still reasonable compared to SLC, even when they slashed their prices down to $65 for the marathon.

You can’t beat a local company that LISTENS to it’s people.

Becky’s first selfie at the New Year’s Run Resolution! HISTORY RIGHT HERE FOLKS!

Now, being an ambassador has perks for both me and other runners. Extra Mile Racing has given me a code EXTRAMILEHANSEN to share with family, friends, acquaintances, strangers and whoever loves or wants to run. The code is good for $5 off any of their races (which you can checkout right here) and it’s not limited to their running races, you can use it on their cycling and other events as well!

Pretty cool, eh? Save some cash along the way!

Now, here’s my favorite part. For every code people use to register for any of their races, Extra Mile Racing will donate $1 to the charity of my choice. Pretty cool, huh?

All kinds of excitement going on here.

The charity that I am raising money for this year is the Kyle Pease Foundation. It’s a charity I’ve been involved in with Elsha and it’s one I want to get more involved with in the coming year personally and with Go The Distance.

Just this past year as I have pushed both Reese and Elsha during races, I’ve become BEYOND inspired by these warriors. Their positive attitudes and perspective on life can do nothing, but change your attitude and perspective. And, before you realize it, you’re not pushing them, they’re pulling you along the course.

Me and Rachel, we paced the Howloween Half!

I really want to give back to the Kyle Pease Foundation while also promoting Extra Mile Racing and other races to assisted athletes. Plus, I know there are a number of runners wanting and willing to push others!

As I said before, I BEYOND excited to be an Extra Mile Ambassador. And, I am excited to run these many races with you and the many other running friends I have yet to make.

If I was their kid, Elvia would have a lot of explaining to do.

So start 2015 right and join me at the New Years Run Resolution at the Utah Olympic Oval! It’s an INDOOR track and you get five hours to run as long or short as you want. Plus, it’s a big party … AND … rumor has it I will be bringing Rice Krispy Treats to share again.

What are you waiting for? Use this code and join me!



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