Looking ahead at 2015 …

????????????????????????????????????????I know that we still have less than five months left of the year, but I am really feeling the need to focus on my 2015 goals and races. This year I really felt the need to knock out a lot of races towards my 180 goal.

I’ve felt this for a number of reasons. For one, I know I can’t keep up running 20-25 half marathons a year as I get older, but I also know I need be more balanced in my fitness. Believe it or not I am interested in more than just running to keep myself active.

Then there’s the threat over getting injured by over running that I worry about as well. I want to keep running for a long time and I do need to be smart about it. So … I am giving myself restrictions.

Yes, dreaded restrictions.

Next year I am going to run a half marathon a month. I am also seriously debating whether or not to downgrade my Utah Valley Marathon entry to the half. Marathons just take SO much out of me, but at the same it’s good motivation as well. So, we’ll see on that.

But, I am going to run 12 half marathons and give myself three extra to play with … just in case. You know … just in case I get a pacing gig or the urge to run a tad more. But, I also plan on volunteering more at races, something I’ve wanted to do for a while and couldn’t … because I am running them.

So looking towards the race schedule I’m looking at the following races. These don’t include 5Ks, 10Ks or Relays (ie-Ragnar). Of course these are subject to change, but from what I’ve ran in the past these are the races I want to run the most …

  • JANUARY – New Years’ Run Resolution (01/01/15)
  • FEBRUARY – Washington City Dogtown Half Marathon (02/21/15)
  • MARCH – Riverton Half Marathon (03/21/15)
  • APRIL – Salt Lake City Half Marathon (04/18/15)
  • MAY  Vigor Big Cottonwood Half Marathon (05/09/15)
  • JUNE – Utah Valley Marathon (06/13/15)
  • JULY – Timp Half Marathon (07/18/15)
  • AUGUST – Park City Half Marathon (08/15/15)
  • SEPTEMBER – Mt. Nebo Half Marathon (09/05/15)
  • OCTOBER – Haunted Half Marathon (10/31/15)
  • NOVEMBER – Thankful 13 (11/26/15)
  • DECEMBER – Nothing locally, might be a good one to travel for.

Some of my reserve races …

  • Tulip Festival Half Marathon (04/25/15)
  • Ogden Half Marathon (03/16/15)
  • Famous Idaho Potato Half Marathon (03/16/15)
  • American Fork Half Marathon (06/20/15)
  • Big Cottonwood Half Marathon (09/12/15)
  • Haunted Half Marathon (10/24/15)

Anyways … we shall see! 2015 is really coming faster than we realize!



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