Maple Bacon … what?!


Tonight I went to the Wasatch Running Center to pick up my packet for the Legacy Midnight Half Marathon tomorrow. Running stores are my crack houses. This is where I go to get my fix. Usually (and by usually, I mean everytime) when I walk into a running store I never leave empty handed. I’ll either get suckered into thinking I need a new pair of shoes or I’ll stock up on gels, shots or gummies.

When I was grabbing a few of my favorite gels (Clif Shot Mocha, hello!) I came across a new gel flavor. Are you ready for me to tell you (actually you probably already know since the title of this post contains the name … well … and the fact there is a picture of the product right there (I’m not very good with these kind of questions, huh?))? It’s … wait for it … wait for it … wait for it (told I wasn’t really good at these things) … MAPLE. BACON. GEL.

My first reaction to it was, well, HEAVE! That just sounds pretty gross. Then I remembered the one time that I ate a maple bacon donut and then made a batch of maple bacon rice krispy treats. Those were good. But, a running gel made out of the flavoring? I’d almost rather drink of packet of left over maple syrup, butter and bacon grease while running.

So, naturally, I bought a gel to try it out. I had to. My curiosity got the best of me (oh, crap and curiosity killed the cat … I’m screwed!). So sometime this upcoming week during one of my runs I’m going to break this puppy out and try it. It’s either going to be the best thing I’ve ever tried or the worst. I’ll either run in triumph and throw up on the side of the road in defeat. I could also possibly gives me the runs, but I won’t talk about that because my mother reads my blog.

I hope this is a glorious find, because I want to believe.

But, I’ve found more often than not life has this way of making things seem more spectacular then they really are. Oh, man, I’m screwed. Well, not that screwed, it’d be worse if I took this during one of my half marathons this weekend and then totally threw up/pooped my pants/both/at the same time.

Welp, stay in next week and see what happens …


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