Meme Me, memememememememe …

So, I have this picture on Facebook. One that I should probably be embarrassed about. You know, the one that you probably should hide from potential employers. No, it’s not one of those scantily clad pictures that you wouldn’t show your bishop (heaven knows I probably have one of those somewhere online). It’s more like one of those … WTF? pictures. Like, the kind of picture you try to figure out why it exists.

… yeah …

Meet Spaghetti Josh.

Summer08 060
Meet Spaghetti Josh.

My friend’s Mom saw the picture online and the name kind of stuck. Spaghetti Josh. Over the years Spaghetti Josh has kind of grown in infamy among my family, friends and some complete strangers. My mother hates it. My trainer loves it (and proudly hangs a framed version of it up in his office at the gym). And, I admittedly sometimes worry about how it would affect my dating life.

But, for what it represents, I embrace it. I love it. And, yes, to me it’s art.

So why the love? First off … it’s Fat Josh. I am no longer that person. He’s kind of a stranger to me now. Which is good. Secondly, I love that I am trying to hide in this picture. I used humor a lot in my bigger days to deflect attention towards my weight and how I felt about my looks. I no longer do that. I am who I am, and I am not embarrassed of that. Thirdly, it’s motivation to never go back to “that.”

Luckily over the past five years I’ve overcome a lot of that (not to mention I eat my pasta like a normal person now). So, while the picture of me, it’s a completely different person to me. Truly a stranger. And, yes, in a way it’s a badge of honor and merit to how far I’ve come.

Earlier today I decided to put Spaghetti Josh on a bigger stage and I uploaded him onto to allow my friends and complete strangers have a field day coming up with memes for Spaghetti Josh.

But, I want to take a step further and make it into a contest. The best meme of Spaghetti Josh will receive an autographed picture of that meme signed by me and a package of spaghetti (dry of course).

I am going to run this contest until Friday and I will announce a winner on Saturday. You can enter as much as you want. All you need to do is upload it to imgur and paste the URL on the below post.


So far there have been quite a few good Memes that my friends have posted. I few of my favorites …
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To generate your meme just use this link. All you have to do is type in the text, generate the imgur and provide the link. And above all else … HAVE FUN!


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