MONDAY: A New Hope

I have a love/hate relationship with Mondays. Sure, Mondays are difficult to deal with — especially when it comes to dealing with a 9 to 5 job. But, sometimes — you’re just glad that Monday is here after a tough weekend.

I think I am somewhere in the middle?

I had no reason for it to be a tough weekend, but it was. There was nothing earth shattering wrong with it — it was just tough. Honestly, I think it’s been tough for me to stay on this training schedule for my half marathon? I won’t lie — I want to race. I want to be out there every weekend running a half marathon.

But, I know — that in order for me to reach my goals of fitness — I HAVE to pace myself. I HAVE to build up my foundation. I HAVE to be smart about it.

And, I am trying.

But, I won’t lie — I want to race.

Luckily, this weekend I have a race. Granted it is a 5K and not a half marathon — but, it’s a race nonetheless. It’s an opportunity to run WITH others. Plus, I am excited about this race.

I am running the Frigid 5K in Orem on Saturday. It’s a race organized by Runtastic Events — and one that frankly — I don’t know why I signed up for? Seriously. It’s a 5K in the dead of winter and then after the race you jump into Utah Lake.

And, here I am — Mr. I Hate All The Snow — doing THIS race.

Well, I signed up for this race for a couple of reasons — to get my race wiggles out and to be with my friends. I mean, really, isn’t that why we all race? To be with others? To be with our friends?

Plus, my friend Tim Gill is going for like 10 dips in Utah Lake and someone has to be there to record all of that. That guy is like part man, part Olaf from Frozen. He’s crazy. But, that’s why we’re friends. Craziness attracts craziness.

I am looking forward to this week — I feel optimistic and hopeful after a tough weekend. Like I said, it wasn’t horrible, just mentally and physically tough for me. Plus, all this snow didn’t help either — snow really doesn’t put me in a good mood.

But, that’s a post for another day.

Happy Monday! Happy Running! 




15.25 miles


16.2 miles


95.34 miles


126.79 miles


2540.21 miles



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Well that escalated quickly. #WSChasidee #utahweather #snowstorm

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One of my projects this past weekend was recording the first podcast episode of “Are We Prepared, Yet?” I won’t lie — it was a lot of fun. The podcast is me and my friend Spencer Schwendiman (aka Schwendy) talking about preparedness.

That sounds boring — and don’t get me wrong — there are A LOT of prepper podcasts out there that kinda are. But, our approach to this podcast is to not just inform, but to also entertain. That’s been the approach my family has also taken with PrepperCon as well.

If you want to attract and inform the masses — you’ve got to get their attention — and keep it. And, that’s hard when it comes to topics like preparedness and prepping. So, we’re hoping this podcast delivers — which we think it will.

Our first episode will be released on Wednesday on and iTunes. We’ll be talking about Winter Storm Jonas, how to prepare you and your family for the snow among other things. It’s a great show.

Anyways — I’ll post a link here on Wednesday. So make sure to come back and give it a listen. Then the following week there’ll be another episode of the Runcast. So stay tuned to!

Daily Shorts.fw

  • THIS! THIS! THIS! Having low testosterone I can completely relate with this article from RW on many, many levels! Quite honestly this article is a godsend. I really needed to read that today.
  • With Winter Storm Jonas raging all over the northeast this past weekend there have been some pretty awesome pictures taken — case in point. Oh, and here are some more awesome pictures. My favorite has to probably be this one.
  • I told you the Broncos were going to win after I chose to “root” for the Patriots this weekend. So it looks like Super Bowl 50 will be the Broncos vs. Panthers. I think it goes without saying I’m rooting for the Panthers — but, at the same time — I don’t really care. It’s just fun to watch regardless of who’s playing.
  • Caffeinated toothpaste? Wow — my mornings will be great since I also have myself some caffeinated shampoo. Heck, I also have a caffeinated peanut butter — why not just stay up for days?
  • Okay, this made me laugh — a dog accidentally running a half marathon? BAHAHA!
  • This is an interesting read about race lotteries — specifically the New York Marathon lottery. Two local Utah runners recently filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the marathon saying that it’s an illegal lottery. Locally, I know the St. George Marathon has a lottery, Ogden tried — I never thought of anything of it being illegal? I’ll be following this story closely.
  • You know things are getting crazy in the GOP race when Glenn Beck calls out Trump for being crazy and dangerous. Honestly, I’m sick of the whole thing. Politics isn’t politics any more — it’s just poop flinging on both sides. I’m voting for Pedro.
  • Obviously, I am not a first time marathoner — but, these marathons look fun regardless of many 26.2’s who’ve ran. I really, really, really want to run Disney World and Chicago. Oh, and MarineCorps. Maybe all of them?
  • These are great snowmen — I might hate the snow, but I love the humor and originality.


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