Monday Matters: Surgeries, movies and marathons …

After a fun weekend of marriage festivities — I am looking forward to turning the page and focusing on this week. It’s going to be a BUSY week. Busy, busy, busy week would be more descriptive. It’s going to be full of surgeries, movies and marathons — well a half marathon.

First off, my Dad is having his final knee replacement surgery on Tuesday. He is having the permanent parts put in that had to be replaced back in January. Luckily, this time the doctor said he wouldn’t have to spend time in the Rehab Center like the first surgery. And, he should be good to go in time for Free’s wedding in June.

So that’s good news.

He’ll probably have to stay in the hospital for a week or so like past surgeries. And, his recovery will include plenty of PT. It doesn’t hurt that my brother is a physical therapist — so that helps quite a bit. I am sure it will be a process to get back to 100%, but at least it won’t be as slow as it was from January to now.

Additionally, The Abolitionists movie is being released nationwide today and tomorrow, RACE (Runners Against Child Exploitation), is having a special premiere at the Megaplex at Jordan Commons here in the SLC area. Tickets are still on sale (BUY HERE) and our $20 each. But, use code LINCOLN to get $10 off (more info below).

I can’t begin to describe how impactful this movie was for me. And, I’d love all of you who happen to be reading this to join us on Tuesday night. I am sure if you haven’t heard of The Abolitionists or Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) it will impact you like it did to me. Again — read the info below for more details.

And, in addition to all of that — I am preparing for the Ogden Half on Saturday. I wasn’t going to be running it, but since I had to drop the Vigor Big Cottonwood Half this past weekend because of the wedding, I decided to add the Ogden Half in its’ place.

I am excited, because it’s one of my favorite races — this will be my five year running Ogden (one marathon and four half marathons). The thing I love about the race is the energy — the crowd on and off the course (especially the closer you are to Downtown Ogden) is just amazing. Plus, the course is gorgeous and it’s a canyon run!

My goal for the race is to simply do better than what I did at Provo — so anything better than 2:55. Which should be doable. I had a low mileage week last week due to recovery and wedding festivities. But, I am hoping to get in a couple good runs this week before Ogden.

I’m just eager to race!

Anyways — I’ll keep you posted on everything, especially dealing with my Dad. We’re feeling optimistic and somewhat relieved the end is closer in sight.

Now time to tackle this week day by day!


Okay, as I have mentioned above (and numerous times the past few months) there is a special premiere of The Abolitionists tomorrow night at 7pm at the Jordan Commons Megaplex in Sandy. Jorge and I started RACE (Runners Against Child Exploitation) because when we first saw this film — it impacted us.

So much so to action.

The Abolitionists is about the work of Tim Ballard and Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) that he started after leaving the CIA. The goal? To extricate the child sex trade and rescue those trapped in it’s clinching jaws.

There is an ugly lie most of us believe and that is that slavery ended with Abraham Lincoln. It didn’t. It may of stopped institutionalized slavery here within the United States. But, slavery is alive and doing quite well around the world. There is an estimated 27 million people living in slavery today — 2 million of those are children.

And, most of those children are in the sex trade.

Such a gross reality.

People like Tim Ballard have heard the prayers of these children and have started organizations like OUR to rescue these kids and stop the practice. Becoming modern day abolitionists.

And, that is why Jorge and I along with RACE is showing this movie tomorrow — we’re looking to create more modern day abolitionists. So we have rented a theater and are inviting ALL to come and see this movie. When I first saw it — it (obviously) changed my life. I know that it will do likewise to those who take the time to watch it as well.

Tickets can only be bought online at — not through the Megaplex ticket office (since we bought out the theater). Tickets are $20, but if you use the code LINCOLN it will give you $10 off. Please feel free to share that with others. We want to fill this theater.

We hope to see you tomorrow and that you come prepared for listen to its’ message. Here is the trailer to give you a bit more information about the movie and movement …



100.55 miles


51.7 miles


596.59 miles


748.84 miles


1918.16 miles

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